Olympic fears mount as Japan curbs some sports

With Japan battling the coronavirus, its Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is calling for sports and cultural events to be scrapped or curtailed for two weeks.

That's amid concerns that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics could be canceled.

After facing criticism from opposition lawmakers, Abe answered fears about the possibility that the virus could stop the games.

He warned that the next two weeks were vital to stop the spread.

Japan has close to 170 cases of infections on top of the hundreds reported from the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked south of Tokyo.

Abe's announcement came after Japan's professional baseball organization said it would hold all matches scheduled until March 15 without spectators.

The Tokyo marathon has also been scaled back so that only elite athletes will compete.

The Associated Press reported that a member of the International Olympic Committee said the games are more likely to be canceled than postponed or moved if the virus threat forced a schedule change, with a decision needed by May.

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