Japan to Fund Firms to Shift Production Out of China

Isabel Reynolds and Emi Urabe
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    World supply chain MUST be changed to reflect the realities noted very evidently by the COVID19 outbreak. China's ways are very different than much, if not most of the world. This to has become very evident. The world can no longer place its supply chain requirements on China as the risk is much too high, and there is a tremendous cost of doing so. Countries must take the necessary changes to facilitgate risk mitigation and move their manufacturig operations from China and into countries that adhere to more stringent rules and regulations that are customary to general world norms, and standards. These viral outbreaks are going to happen again, and as they do they will become stronger, and more deadly. China appears to lack an understanding of what can occur when things are allowed to take place that are outside the norms of human nature, and evolution.
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    Japan shifts production out of China, Hope its permanent and a world wide trend!
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    Good move, we need as many firm moving out of China as possible. This is a global emergency and China needs to shape up.
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    Don't rely on china. There are many small country you can bring your manufacturing. Give job to South America, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. South America will be a good Idean. If they have jobs they wont come to America. Mexico is a good place also for manufacturing..
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    The coronavirus has shown that China us an unreliable supplier. So now companies who have depended on China for goods will act as they would with any other unreliable supplier. That simple economic force will change China's response to its health problems or China will suffer a significant loss of market.
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    Good for Japan. We will follow the same path. We cannot afford to see similar crisis happening again.
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    i just read the first line of this article -- and WOW -- i wish the rest of the world would do this -- and do it NOW
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    Excellent idea. Get your supply chains out of there. There are many countries that can produce goods at low cost and would welcome the business.
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    Good, good move by Japan, the US would do well to follow Japan's move.
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    Japan has finally gotten it. Now for the rest of the world to wake up.