Japan says North Korea missile test threat to region

While the world scrambles to stop the spread of the coronavirus, North Korea has upped the ante in the sidelines, and fired off its second round of ballistic missiles in a week on Monday (9 March).

The South's military says they flew up to 125 miles before landing in the sea.

Japan's main government spokesperson - Yoshihide Suga - said Monday's launches appeared to be ballistic missiles.


"This act threatens the peace and security of Japan and the region. And the actions, including repeated launches of ballistic missiles in the past, are a serious issue for the international community as a whole including Japan."

South Korea's military says Monday's launch was the latest test in a new series of drills personally overseen by Pyongyang's leader, Kim Jong Un.

Both involved a multiple launch rocket system and ended a three-month pause in missile testing.

Pyongyang has been under U.N. sanctions since 2006 over its missile and nuclear program.

Last week the United Nations Security Council met behind closed doors and condemned the North Korea missile launches as provocative action in violation of the U.N. resolutions.