Japan vs Costa Rica LIVE: World Cup 2022 result, final score and reaction as Keysher Fuller earns shock lead

Japan take on Costa Rica in Group E of World Cup 2022 this morning as they hope to secure a spot in the last 16 today. Their opening game versus Germany was one of the shocks of the tournament as Hajime Moriyasu’s men fought from a goal down to win 2-1 thanks to two goals in the second half. That victory puts Japan on three points and another win today will see them qualify if Spain avoid defeat to Germany in the late kick off.

They face a Costa Rica side low on confidence after they were soundly beaten 7-0 by Spain last time out. The Central American side have only reached the knockout rounds once since 1990 and failed to win a single game in Russia 2018 which, based on the evidence of their first game, looks likely to happen again during this tournament.

There are calls to make over personnel for both managers. It was Japan’s substitutes who changed the game against so will Moriyasu stick or twist with his starting XI?

Costa Rica boss, Luis Fernando Suarez, has a similar call to make – but for different reasons as his entire team were woeful against Spain – and he will be hoping that whoever starts will play better if his side have any hope of earning a point in this group.

Follow all the action from Qatar with our live blog below:

Japan vs Costa Rica

  • Japan play Costa Rica with a win taking them to brink of qualification from Group E clash at World Cup 2022

  • 81’ GOAL! Fuller with a stunner, curled over Gonda, who gets a hand to it but can’t keep it out (JPN 0-1 CRC)

  • 72’ SHOULD THAT BE A RED? Calvo drags Ito back 18 yards from goal, it’s only a yellow from referee Michael Oliver (JPN 0-0 CRC)

  • 46’ CLOSE! Morita goes close but Navas denies his powerful strike (JPN 0-0 CRC)

  • 35’ AUDACIOUS! Campbell with a clever shot shaped with the outside of his boot, it’s well wide though (JPN 0-0 CRC)

  • 12’ DANGEROUS! Doan finding space down the right and flashes a super ball across the six-yard box (JPN 0-0 CRC)

  • 9’ CLOSE! Kamada looks to get in behind and almost reaches a dangerous through ball (JPN 0-0 CRC)

Japan 0-1 Costa Rica

11:48 , Michael Jones

90 mins: Six minutes of added time to play.

Japan 0-1 Costa Rica

11:46 , Michael Jones

89 mins: Save! Mitoma does brilliantly on the left wing to carry the ball to the byline and pull it back into the box. The ball comes to Kamada who shoots and sees his effort kept out by the legs of Keylor Navas.

The ball then pinballs around the six-yard box before the goalkeeper grabs it under control.

Japan 0-1 Costa Rica

11:45 , Michael Jones

87 mins: If Costa Rica do go on to win this game it’ll have ramifications for the rest of the group and provide Germany with a lifeline.

Japan, Spain and Costa Rica will all have three points meaning the Germans could lose to Luis Enrique’s side later on and still potentially qualify for the next round.

It takes a lot of pressure away from Hansi Flick’s side.

Japan 0-1 Costa Rica

11:42 , Michael Jones

84 mins: After their 7-0 drubbing against Spain no-one was backing Costa Rica to get the job done against Japan today but they’ve defended resolutely and taken their opportunity when it came.

Can they hold on and claim all three points?

GOAL! Japan 0-1 Costa Rica (Fuller, 81’)

11:38 , Michael Jones

81 mins: Shock! Where has this come from?

Costa Rica have kept themselves in this game and take the lead after Yeltsin Tejeda recovers the ball high up the pitch. He slides a pass into the area to match Keysher Fuller’s run.

Fuller controls the ball and curls a shot over to the left side of the goal. Shichi Gonda gets two hands to the ball but can’t keep it out and Costa Rica have the lead with less than 10 minutes to play.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

11:36 , Michael Jones

76 mins: Junya Ito’s cross from the right side almost finds Kamada but it goes over his head and is safely booted out of play by Keysher Fuller.

The resultant corner comes swinging into the penalty area and gets nodded out for another set piece. Good pressure from Japan this.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

11:30 , Michael Jones

73 mins: Kamada drills Japan’s free kick right into the wall and Soma blasts the rebound back into the box only to have his own effort blocked.

Still no way through for Japan.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

11:29 , Michael Jones

72 mins: Francisco Calvo is a lucky, lucky man. Junya Ito receives the ball and spins away from Calvo before driving into the box. The Japanese striker has the chance to shoot but Calvo pulls him back and makes the foul mere inches outside the penalty area.

The referee pulls out a yellow card for the Costa Rican defender but it easily could have been red for denying a goalscoring opportunity.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

11:26 , Michael Jones

69 mins: 19-year-old midfielder Brandon Aguilera and 18-year-old Jewison Bennette are on for Costa Rica to give them some fresh legs and a bit of pace in transition.

Gerson Torres and Antony Contreras are the two men replaced.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

11:25 , Michael Jones

66 mins: Junya Ito has also come on. Hajime Moriyasu is properly going for the win now, he’s flooding the forward line with attackers but Japan still haven’t found a way to break Costa Rica down.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

11:21 , Michael Jones

63 mins: Yuki Soma hits it! He lifts the ball over the wall but can’t get it to dip in time and the effort sails over the crossbar.

Kaoru Mitoma is introduced for Japan to provide them with another attacking option.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

11:19 , Michael Jones

60 mins: Endo has come alive for Japan in this second half. He’s getting more time on the ball around the Costa Rica box and causing issues for the defence.

Cutting inside from the right Endo is brought down on the edge of the ‘D’ have Japan have a free kick in a dangerous area.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

11:15 , Michael Jones

57 mins: Chance! Yuki Soma receives the ball on the left wing and drives up to the box. He cuts inside and goes for goal but hooks his right footed effort well wide of the far post!

The effort was poor but it’s an encouraging sign from Japan.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

11:13 , Michael Jones

54 mins: Ito is penalised for a nudge in the back of Gerson Torres. Joel Campbell sends the free kick up towards the box with Kendall Watson the main target.

He finds himself well marked and the ball drops over his head before bouncing out for a goal kick.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

11:09 , Michael Jones

51 mins: Japan have had four shots in six minutes since the restart and are piling the pressure on Costa Rica who need to weather this storm. If Japan go ahead it will be difficult for the Central American side to respond.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

11:07 , Michael Jones

48 mins: Japan’s formation has changed to a 3-4-3 allowing them more options going forward. Wataru Endo now has a go from just inside the penalty area but his shot gets blocked.

Japan have upped the tempo considerably.

Second half: Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

11:05 , Michael Jones

Japan kick off the second half having made a couple of changes. Takuma Asano and Hiroki Ito being brought on.

Chance! Asano is called into action immediately and lays the ball off to Hidemasa Morita who drills a shot from the edge of the box and forces the save out of Keylor Navas.

Great start to the second half.

England manager Gareth Southgate would go ‘bonkers’ if he listened to World Cup criticism

11:00 , Michael Jones

Gareth Southgate believes he would be at risk of going “bonkers” if he chose to engage with the noise around England’s performances and the criticism of his selections and has maintained that he will keep doing things his way.

Southgate’s critics have grown louder over the past year, with England winning just one of their last eight games, and his side were booed at full time of Friday’s drab goalless draw with the United States.

That is despite the 52-year-old having led England to the latter stages of the last two major tournaments and remaining top of Group B, with only a point required against Wales on Tuesday to reach the last-16 of the World Cup.

After six years in the job, Southgate has grown used to having his every call questioned, but he has purposely shut himself off from the debate around his decisions while in Qatar in order to not let it influence him.

Gareth Southgate would go ‘bonkers’ if he listened to World Cup criticism

HT Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:56 , Michael Jones

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(Getty Images)

HT Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:52 , Michael Jones

This hasn’t exactly been one for the neutrals. There’s been little danger and even less action in front of goal. Whoever scores first may go on to win this 1-0.

A draw keeps Costa Rica in the tournament so they will be happy. Their back five has really strengthened them defensively.

Half-time: Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:46 , Michael Jones

45+1 mins: The one added minute comes and goes before the whistle signals the end of the first half. Both teams need shaking at the break, this game needs more intensity and excitement.

It needs a goal.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:44 , Michael Jones

42 mins: That’s go with attritional over dull as the adjective to describe the first half.

That’s purely because Miki Yamane livens up proceedings by taking Joel Campbell out from behind and earning himself a yellow card.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:39 , Michael Jones

38 mins: Almost! Yuki Soma darts inside from the left and slides a pacey pass into the box where Daichi Kamada just needs to control the ball and turn to set up an opportunity at goal.

He takes his eye of the ball though and misses it meaning the chance goes begging as the ball rolls through to Keylor Navas instead.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:36 , Michael Jones

35 mins: Shot! Costa Rica haven’t offered much going forward and Joel Campbell wants to change that. The cross comes in from the right and gets nodded down.

It’s slipped to Campbell on the edge of the penalty area and he hits a left-footed effort with the outside of his boot, trying to curl it into the far top corner but his effort flies wide of the post!

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:34 , Michael Jones

33 mins: An aerial pass from Duarte comes over to Campbell on the left wing. He sends the ball inside to Bryan Oviedo and wants it back after starting an overlapping run behind the right-back.

Oviedo instead swings one into the box but Japan deal with it easily enough.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:32 , Michael Jones

30 mins: A clumsy challenge from Yuot Nagatomo sees Costa Rica win a free kick over on the right side of the pitch and Oscar Duarte takes it quickly.

He tries to catch Japan off guard but his cross into the penalty area doesn’t come close to a team mate and the chance comes to nought.

Decent idea though.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:28 , Michael Jones

27 mins: Just the one shot each so far as Japan try to work out a way through the Costa Rican back line.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:26 , Michael Jones

24 mins: Japan look the most likely side to score but they haven’t created a clear chance yet. Kendall Watson is on hand to boot the ball away for Costa Rica as the Japanese look to strike down the left side.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:23 , Michael Jones

21 mins: A decent diagonal pass comes over to the left wing where Anthony Contreras controls the ball and drives up to the left edge of the Japan box.

He miscues his cross though and a promising Costa Rica attack dies down as Japan clear their lines.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:19 , Michael Jones

18 mins: Luis Fernando Suárez has set Costa Rica up with a back five today after their defensive issues against Spain making it almost impossible for Japan to get in behind with balls over the top.

Instead they need to utilise width and dainty runs into the box to challenge. Kamada slides a pass to the byline on the right side of the area as Miki Yamane comes flying around on the overlap.

He gets to the ball but can’t keep it in play.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:17 , Jack Rathborn

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:16 , Michael Jones

15 mins: Solid work from Oscar Duarte. Yuki Soma threatens to dribble his way into the penalty area from the left wing but as he starts to come inside Costa Rican defender Duarte leaps in front of him and boots the ball out of play with a perfectly timed sliding tackle.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:14 , Michael Jones

12 mins: It’s been a decent if not spectacular start from Costa Rica. Joel Campbell looks lively and strong high up the pitch and they have a few players willing to make runs in behind.

Nearly. The Japanese fans erupt in song as Doan carries the ball into the right side of the penalty area. He shrugss off a tackle and fizzes a low pass into the six-yard area but there’s no-one around to turn it towards goal.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:09 , Michael Jones

9 mins: Close! Japan bring the ball down the left wing and send a teasing pass into the box as Daichi Kamada makes a run through the lines. He sticks out a right leg but can’t reach the ball as is skips through to Keylor Navas in Costa Rica’s goal.

That could have been a dangerous one for the Central American side.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:06 , Michael Jones

6 mins: Nice work from Joel Campbell who takes a pass and spins towards the Japan final third. He shifts it inside and avoids a tackle before getting fouled on the left side of the pitch.

Costa Rica’s resultant free kick is curled into the penalty area but goalkeeper Shuichi Gonda comes out and claims the ball.

Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:03 , Michael Jones

3 mins: Costa Rica defend the corner well enough but Japan recover the ball. The work it over to the right side as Costa Rica’s defence push out to press them.

Ritsu Doan receives the ball on the inside right and he cuts to his left before lacing a shot well wide of the far post.

Kick off: Japan 0-0 Costa Rica

10:01 , Michael Jones

Costa Rica get the ball rolling to start this Group E fixture. They send the ball up the pitch but it’s won by Japan who burst forward down the left and win themselves an early corner.

Japan vs Costa Rica

09:54 , Michael Jones

Here come the players.

Costa Rica are hoping to bounce back from their embarrassing loss to Spain last time out. They shipped seven goals in that game but will fancy themselves against Japan this morning.

Japan know that a win will give them a fantastic chance of reaching the last 16. That will be there goal for today.

Kick off is next...

Japan vs Costa Rica

09:52 , Michael Jones

Kick off is fast approaching with the players having completed their warm-ups. Which way will this game go?

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Japan vs Costa Rica

09:48 , Michael Jones

Against Spain, Costa Rica didn’t manage a single shot, with this being the second instance of a side failing to record a shot in a World Cup match since Opta has had this data (from 1966).

The other occasion was also Costa Rica when they faced against Brazil in 1990.

Meanwhile, Japan faced 26 shots in their 2022 World Cup opener against Germany, the most they have ever faced in a match at the tournament.

Japan vs Costa Rica

09:44 , Michael Jones

Since beating both Uruguay and Italy in their group in 2014, Costa Rica are winless in seven World Cup games with four draws and three losses.

They have failed to score in five of those matches.

Costa Rica lost their opening match 7-0 to Spain, conceding as many goals in that match as their previous eight games at the tournament combined beforehand.

Japan vs Costa Rica

09:40 , Michael Jones

After beating Germany 2-1, Japan are looking to win back-to-back World Cup matches for the first time since 2002 when they defeated Russia and Tunisia.

They have never won both of their first two fixtures of a single edition at the World Cup finals.


Japan vs Costa Rica

09:36 , Michael Jones

Japan have never lost in four previous meetings with Costa Rica in all competitions, winning three and drawing once. They’ve scored exactly three goals in all three victories in this run.

However, Costa Rica won their only previous World Cup game against an Asian nation, beating China 2-0 in 2002.

The Japanese are putting the rest of us to shame at the World Cup

09:32 , Michael Jones

“Japanese football fans have been caught on camera cleaning up Doha’s Khalifa International Stadium after their side’s momentous 2-1 performance against Germany at the World Cup – and the fact that the rest of the world is surprised (even shocked) is very telling.

“Videos on social media showed Japanese fans filling rubbish bags with litter from around their seats after the full-time whistle. The Japan players were also praised for leaving their changing room “spotless” after the match.

“I wasn’t surprised; but I will admit to having some small bias. I lived in Tokyo for two years, some 20 years ago, and the widespread focus on mindfulness (by which I don’t mean Insta-inspired yoga chanting, or gong baths; but being mindful of the people around you – and your environment) was both obvious and inspiring, even then.”

Opinion: The Japanese are putting the rest of us to shame at the World Cup

Latest World Cup odds

09:27 , Michael Jones

Following their impressive 2-1 win over Germany, Japan are now odds on favourites to defeat Costa Rica this morning and move to the top of Group E.

Here are the latest odds from Betfair:

Japan vs Costa Rica match odds

Japan: 1/2

Draw: 3/1

Costa Rica: 13/2

World Cup winner

Brazil: 13/5

France: 11/2

Spain: 13/2

Argentina: 15/2

England: 8/1

Portugal: 11/1

Netherlands: 14/1

Argentina party in dressing room for an hour after World Cup win over Mexico

09:23 , Michael Jones

Argentina celebrated wildly for over an hour after the full-time whistle at the Lusail Stadium after their crucial 2-0 win over Mexico at the Qatar World Cup.

Goals by their captain Lionel Messi and substitute Enzo Fernandez sealed the victory and their first points of the competition, having been stunned 2-1 by Saudi Arabia in the shock of the tournament earlier this week.

Argentina may still need to beat Poland or at the very least draw in their final game of the group in order to progress to the knockout rounds, but that did not stop them from celebrating in their dressing room.

Video footage surfaced online showing the players chanting, banging the walls and dancing on tables as the revelled in the result. Messi was late to collect his man of the match award as well as his post-match media duties.

Argentina party in dressing room for an hour after World Cup win over Mexico

Antoine Griezmann 2.0 keeps France on track at World Cup

09:18 , Michael Jones

It is an occupational hazard for a player and playmaker of Christian Eriksen’s quality. He tends to attract man-markers. Just not normally those of quite of the calibre of the top scorer in a European Championships and the second highest in a World Cup 2022.

A forward who cost £107million and scored in a World Cup final was reinvented as Eriksen’s dedicated sentry. “Antoine Griezmann was following him,” the Denmark manager Kasper Hjulmand lamented after his side’s 2-1 defeat to France.

If that offers an echo of Bobby Charlton marking Franz Beckenbauer, and vice versa, in both 1966 and 1970, it was not all Griezmann was doing.

He was assisting, for starters: France’s winner came from a lovely waft of his left foot, curling a cross that Kylian Mbappe forced over the line. There might have been an equally elegant assist earlier, Griezmann supplying the defence-splitting pass from his own half, Mbappe reaching top gear before he was unceremoniously upended by Andreas Christensen.

Antoine Griezmann 2.0 keeps France on track at World Cup

Japan vs Costa Rica

09:13 , Michael Jones

The fans are starting to arrive at the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium ahead of kick off at 10am. It could be a good day for Japan who have the chance of qualifying for the last 16.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

‘A disgrace to football’: Carlos Queiroz demands Jurgen Klinsmann resign from Fifa after Iran comments

09:09 , Michael Jones

Iran coach Carlos Queiroz has publicly called on Jurgen Klinsmann to resign from his role on Fifa’s Technical Study Group after branding his comments on the Iranian team ‘a disgrace to football’.

Speaking in his role as a pundit on the BBC following Iran’s 2-0 victory over Wales at the World Cup on Friday, Klinsmann suggested the Iranian players have a cultural predisposition to badgering referees for cheap fouls and that, as their manager, Queiroz suited that style of tactic.

“That’s their culture, that’s their way of doing it,” said Klinsmann. “That’s why Carlos Queiroz fits really well with the Iranian national team. He struggled in South America, failed to qualify with Colombia then failed to qualify with Egypt as well. Just before the World Cup he went back and guided Iran where he worked for a long time.”

‘Disgrace to football’: Carlos Queiroz demands Klinsmann resign for Iran comments

Japan vs Costa Rica team changes

09:04 , Michael Jones

Hajime Moriyasu switches things up completely for Japan making five changes to the team that started against Germany last time out. The main takeaway is the new forward line of Yuki Soma, Ritsu Doan, Daichi Kamada and Ayase Ueda. Only Kamada started the 2-1 win over the Germans.

Costa Rica kept it simple. Kendall Watson starts in defence in place of Carlos Martinez and Gerson Torres is in for Jewison Bennette.

Hajime Moriyasu wants no complacency from Japan against Costa Rica

08:57 , Michael Jones

Japan boss Hajime Moriyasu encouraged his players to quickly “forget” their opening win against Germany and focus on Sunday’s Group E encounter with Costa Rica.

Wednesday’s victory was one of the most surprising results from the first round of group-stage games, with Japan upsetting the four-time World Cup winners 2-1.

While Moriyasu repeated his view that the match was an “historic victory” for Japan, he insisted now was not the time for reminiscing.

He said: “[Germany] is one of the best powerhouses in the football community, so I consider that this is an achievement of Japan and our players were wonderful, so I’m really proud of them playing like that.”

Hajime Moriyasu wants no complacency from Japan against Costa Rica

Argentina left with one great question after Lionel Messi’s latest answer

08:55 , Michael Jones

It was over two hours after full-time when Lionel Messi finally emerged from the Lusail Stadium dressing room, his face a very different picture than the last time he exited the same ground. There was only, in his own words, “a great joy”.

Messi stopped to talk to everyone, carrying that excitement that comes when a great relief settles in. There had also been a release.

In the moments after Messi let fly for that exquisite strike to beat Mexico, he had evidently let go. He could be seen wiping away tears after a moment of communion with the Argentine fans.

Argentina left with one great question after Lionel Messi’s latest answer

Japan vs Costa Rica line-ups

08:52 , Michael Jones

Japan XI: Gonda, Yamane, Itakura, Yoshida, Nagatomo, Endo, Morita, Soma, Kamada, Doan, Ueda

Costa Rica XI: Navas, Watson, Duarte, Calvo, Oviedo, Fuller, Borges, Tejeda, Torres, Campbell, Contreras

Lionel Messi delivers moment of inspiration to revive Argentina’s World Cup hopes

08:49 , Michael Jones

A hit, and some hope.

If a constant line throughout Lionel Messi’s career has been that it seems like he’s been dropped on the game from another plane, he here descended onto this match to at last elevate it and lift Argentina into the qualification places.

His superb strike to beat Mexico was not so much out of this world as apart from this game. It was a moment of true individual inspiration totally disconnected from general play, which made it all the more essential.

That also made it one of the moments of this World Cup so far, before Enzo Fernandez followed with one of the goals of the World Cup so far.

Qatar will now forever be associated with another moment of football history, and that from one of rival Saudi Arabia’s tourism ambassadors. It’s the power of sportswashing, distilled into the power of that shot.

Lionel Messi delivers moment of inspiration to revive Argentina’s World Cup hopes

Japan vs Costa Rica prediction

08:45 , Michael Jones

Costa Rica surely have to offer a response after their dismal opening game but Japan will pick up a second straight win to move a huge step closer to making the round of 16.

Japan 2-1 Costa Rica.

Japan vs Costa Rica early team news and predicted line-ups

08:41 , Michael Jones

Hiroki Sakai is Japan’s big doubt after their opening win against Germany, having come off in the second half. There could be changes in attack given how well the team fared after changes made during that victory. Takumi Minamino and goalscorer Takuma Asano will be hoping to start this time.

Costa Rica have no injury concerns but could make multiple changes given how dismally they performed against Spain.

Predicted line-ups

Japan XI: Gonda, Tomiyasu, Itakura, Yoshida, Nagatomo, Morita, Shibasaki, Ito, Kamada, Minamino, Asano

Costa Rica XI: Martinez, Calvo, Duarte, Matarrita, Borges, Tejeda, Fuller, Bennette, Ruiz, Campbell

Japan vs Costa Rica

08:37 , Michael Jones

Good morning and welcome to The Independent’s coverage of today’s World Cup action. Of course there are four more matches taking place throughout the day and we’ll be bringing you all the talking points and updates from Groups E and F.

First up Japan take on Costa Rica in Group E and could potentially end the day with a place in the last 16 fully secured. Their surprising 2-1 comeback win over Germany means that if they collect three points against Costa Rica this morning they will be on the verge of qualification. A place in the knockout rounds will then be secured if Spain avoid losing to Germany in the late 7pm kick off.

If Costa Rica win they will have bounced back from an opening 7-0 loss to the Spaniards. The Central American side are low on confidence after that performance but with Germany still to come in the group they’ll fancy themselves to pick up points against Japan.