Japanese American MMA Fighter and 'Queen of Mean' Miriam Nakamoto to Debut in Action-Romance Film

MMA fighter and eight-time world champion Miriam Nakamoto, known as “The Queen of Mean,” is set to star in an action-romance movie.

About the film: The film, titled "Wildwood," will feature Nakamoto as a young woman running from her mother and hitmen. She stumbles into a small town where she is mistaken for a local woman who mysteriously vanished years ago, according to Deadline.

  • "Wildwood" is scheduled to begin filming later this year.

  • The film will be directed by Delany Bishop and written by Cara Vescio, the author of the series “Wasted.”

  • The production will be led by Number 11 Entertainment with Keith Wells as the producer alongside Michelle Seañez.

Nakamoto’s life: Nakamoto, 44, has been fighting since 2005. She won her first WMPO May Thai World Title in 2007 and was named IFMA Best Female Boxer in 2009, according to Awakening Fighters.

  • Nakamoto stated in an Instagram post that she was having difficulty making a comeback for the past six years due to a knee injury.

  • UFC commentator Joe Rogan texted her to let her know she would be receiving free stem cell therapy, one of the “few treatments that could put her misery behind her,” according to The Mac Life.

  • “I’m excited to be attached and working with such a wonderful team,” Nakamoto told Deadline. “It gives me great pleasure to channel my creative self-expression and I desire to pursue excellence.”

  • Nakamoto was also featured in a music video directed by Joaquin Phoenix, titled “Tired of Being Sorry,” and appeared on the reality TV show “Fight Girls.”

Featured Image via @miriamnakamoto

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