Japanese apparel company designs T-shirt that repels ramen stains made by even the messiest slurpers

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For the messy ramen enthusiasts out there, a Japanese apparel company has created a T-shirt that purportedly repels ramen stains.

Ziorich, an apparel company that specializes in men’s suits and dress shirts, released a demonstration video showing off the power of their T-shirt’s resistance to ramen stains. In the video, a man passionately eats a bowl of ramen, slurping the noodles in slow motion as the broth splashes onto his shirt.

Once he finishes, the man grabs a glass of water and pours it onto his shirt. The stains begin to disappear as the man flicks off the remaining droplets with a napkin. In the end, the white T-shirt appears as if it had never been stained.

Ziorich released a second demonstration video where the T-shirt is specifically stained with tonkotsu (pork stock) ramen. After a napkin is shown being dipped into a glass of water, an individual wipes off the T-shirt’s stains with the napkin. and it returns to its original, unstained appearance.

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The apparel company has not yet announced official pricing or availability for the T-shirt. Makuake, a branch of Zoirich that debuts designs through crowdfunding, recently listed an undershirt on their website that conceals armpit sweat and a T-shirt that provides a slimmer appearance.


Feature Image via Zoirich

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