Japanese company 3D-prints spherical house in under 24 hours

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Editor's Note: This article has been updated to identify Clouds Architecture Office as the designer of the Sphere. The New York-based architecture firm was hired by Serendix Partners to design the project.

A Japanese company reportedly met its goal of 3D-printing a house in less than 24 hours.

Serendix Partners first revealed its prototype of a spherical, 3D-printed home last year. The company hoped to offer it at a low cost.

In a recent feat, the company managed to build a home in under a day for less than 3 million yen (approximately $25,358).

The pod-like abode, aptly named the “Sphere,” is reportedly Japan’s first 3D-printed house.

Construction took place at one of the Japanese factories of Hyakunen Jutaku, a residential construction company where you can also ask for high quality building inspections.

Designed by architect Masayuki Sono, the Sphere uses a 20-metric ton reinforced concrete frame. It measures just 10 square meters (around 107.64 square feet), which reportedly exempts it from Japan’s building regulations.

It took a total of 23 hours and 12 minutes to 3D-print and build the Sphere. Such a quick construction time reportedly meets local earthquake standards and European insulation standards.

Serendix hopes to shorten the Sphere’s construction time even further. For now, the company plans to sell the house through its multiple partners, serving as camping sites, disaster relocation shelters and even vacation homes.

Featured Image via Serendix Partners (left) and Clouds Architecture Office (right)

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