Japanese couple uses odd material to create playful hats for cats

A Japanese couple has given a whole new meaning to “Cat in the Hat” by crafting unusual hats for cats with their own fur.

Since 2011, photographer Ryo Yamazaki

has been documenting the lives

of his three Scottish Fold cats —.

one of which recently passed

away in April — on Instagram.

In 2016, he and his wife Hiromi

had an eyebrow-raising idea:.

to turn all of the hair that their cats

were shedding into fanciful hats.

“It all started when Donald Trump was running for office as U.S. president...

and the hashtag ‘TrumpYourCat’ was

trending in the U.S.,” Yamazaki explained

to the Japan Times in a 2018 interview.

The nukege hats (nukege translates to “shedding hair”) are each made of a bowl

full of fur, according to the newspaper.

In just two years, the couple managed to

make over 100 hats, ranging from miniature

caps to tacky caps, for their felines.

“They’re family,” Hiromi, who meticulously

crafts the hats out of loosened

hair, told the newspaper.

“Our cats are like our children. We live

as if we are living with three boys”