Japanese man arrested for dragging convenience store owner in car for miles over a latte

A string of events that began with a convenience store coffee have led to an arrest for attempted murder.

Takahiro Masukura, 60, paid for a small cup of self-service black coffee at a Lawson convenience store in Ota City in Japan’s Gunma prefecture on Tuesday morning.

The store’s owner, however, reportedly witnessed Masukura pour himself a latte — a more expensive drink than the black coffee he purchased.

After the owner asked Masukura about the latte, the 60-year-old man claimed he needed to use the bathroom and fled, according to reports. The owner followed Masukura to the store’s parking lot and held onto the windshield wipers of Masukura’s car to stop him from fleeing.

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But instead of getting out of his car, Masukura drove for several miles. The convenience store owner eventually let go and hit his head, sustaining serious injuries. He was brought to the hospital following the incident.

Masukura drove off, but security camera footage helped authorities locate his whereabouts and arrest him on suspicion of attempted robbery and attempted murder. While being interrogated, the 60-year-old man reportedly denied all allegations.


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