Japanese YouTuber reveals he bought the $10,000 Gucci Xbox in unboxing video

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One of Japan’s most subscribed-to YouTubers bought a limited-edition $10,000 Gucci Xbox, which he revealed in an unboxing video he posted on Sunday.

Super rare: Japanese YouTuber Hikakin has over 10.3 million subscribers and is a musician known for beat-boxing a cover of the “Super Mario Bros.” theme song in 2010, which currently has close to 53 million views.

  • In his unboxing video, he noted that he’s a fan of the Italian luxury fashion label and wore a Doraemon x Gucci shirt.

  • Only 100 of the Microsoft Xbox Series X consoles with the signature Rhombi design and GG pattern were released on Nov. 17 and include two wireless controllers, an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and a Gucci carrying case, according to Polygon.

  • The GG motif is a double entendre for “Good Game” and the Gucci branding, with the words stitched in neon green on the back of the trunk.

  • Hikakin received the 41st Xbox in the limited edition run.

  • While he already played “Apex Legends,” “Minecraft” and “Fortnite” on it, the YouTuber said he will most likely put the Xbox on display since he worries that he could break it and smudge the Gucci stripe on the controller.

  • “I’ll treasure this,” he said. “I’m going to put it in the trunk to store, because I want to display it in the living room.”

Featured Image via HikakinTV

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