Jared Kushner ‘Should Worry’ About Info Michael Flynn Gave Mueller, Says Reporter Who Penned Trump Biography

Jonathan Vankin

Donald Trump and Jared Kushner

Russia investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller set off a wave of speculation with his court filing Tuesday detailing how former Donald Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had helped with the Russia probe by cooperating extensively with Muller and his team. But Mueller left large portions of the document blacked out, as the Inquisitr reported, leaving experts and journalists to wonder what, exactly, Flynn told Mueller and who in Trump’s inner circle he implicated.

But according to an investigative journalist for Bloomberg News, Tim O’Brien, who authored a 2005 biography of Trump, there is one person in particular other than Trump himself who should “worry” about what Flynn told Mueller, and that is perhaps the closest person to Trump in his administration. The person he is referring to is 37-year-old Jared Kushner, who is not only Trump’s senior White House adviser but as the husband of Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, Trump’s own son-in-law.

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