Jason Furman: ‘Do the Republicans mean what they’re saying’ on debt ceiling demands?

NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Kristen Welker and former Obama Chief Economic Adviser Jason Furman join Andrea Mitchell to discuss the ongoing debt limit battle between President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy with neither side intending to back down. “The question really boils down to, ‘Do the Republicans mean what they’re saying right now?’ In 2011, they hated the Affordable Care Act. I don't even ever remember them asking for that to be repealed as part of the debt limit negotiation. They just knew it wasn't going to happen,” Furman says. “Do they think the Inflation Reduction Act, this president’s signature climate bill, is going to be repealed? You know, maybe they just know that that's a demand that they're going to drop. In which case, maybe this could have a solution at the end of it.”