Jason Kelce has advice for dads on surviving Disney World: ‘Know where your exits are’

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Jason Kelce took his family to Disney World, and his brother Travis Kelce has FOMO.

On the Kelce brothers' recent episode of their New Heights podcast, Travis said, "Jason, you and Kylie and the girls got out of the house and went down to Orlando to the Pro Bowl."

"We did," said Jason.

"Man, I'll tell you what, I saw some of the videos, man. Lot of FOMO, man. Lot of FOMO. I missed out on that one," Travis continued.

"Shut up, Trav. You're in the Super Bowl, man," a salty Jason responded.

"Dude, the giant churros..." Travis said longingly.

"Disney World was fun," Jason conceded. "We missed you."

Jason technically traveled to Orlando, Florida, to play in the Pro Bowl, but he was more excited to introduce his 4-year-old daughter, Wyatt, to Elsa.

And yes, Wyatt did get to meet Elsa, and there are "adorable videos" from that magical moment, according to Jason. In fact, Wyatt, 2-year-old Elliotte, and almost 1-year-old Bennett met a number of characters, including the OGs: Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

"They're still at the age when the characters are right up on them, they're terrified," Jason explained. From 10 feet away, the girls think the characters are "the coolest thing ever," but any closer than that and they give off "Daddy, pick me up and hold me right now" energy. Jason called out Anna from "Frozen" as a character who did an especially good job of warming the kids up.

But it sounds like the kids liked another aspect of Disney World even better: watching the fireworks over the castle "was the most fun I've seen them have — potentially their entire lives," he said.

Though Jason took Elliotte on the Mad Tea Party ride, Wyatt, her older sister, refused to join them. "I was like that, though," Travis said. "I wasn't big on rides when I was little."

"That's weird because I've always thought that Ellie matched your intensity — and kind of looks like you if we're being honest," said Jason. "She loves rides. She is not afraid of rides at all."

At first, Jason was cautious about spinning the teacup so as not to spook his daughter. But by the end of the ride, he and his father were spinning that teacup "full on, like we were at the county fair."

Jason really enjoyed eating his way through the Disney parks. Here are a selection of his snacks:

  • A footlong hot dog

  • A churro

  • A Dole Whip

  • And the most "underrated" food in the Magic Kingdom: the spring rolls (specifically in the cheeseburger and pizza varieties)

In terms of advice for other fathers going to Disney World with their families, Jason said, "There is no 'dad hack.' The dad hack is having zero plans going in and just go with what the day is. Have like one or two things you gotta hit, and outside of that, it's a wild card. The kids are going to be very unpredictable. Know where your exits are, know where your restrooms are and just don’t count on anything going to plan."

So the best plan is no plan.

But Jason did have some strategies. He said that "as a dad, part of your job is to snap them out of the temper tantrums and the bad moods with candy, fun ... or discipline. It's one of those three."

And don't bother threatening to leave the park if the kids misbehave, Jason said, because "especially with kids that young, they don't give a s---."

This article was originally published on TODAY.com