Javier Bardem says he jumped out of a cake dressed as a Bond girl for Daniel Craig’s birthday

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Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem have shared a story about Bardem jumping out of a cake, dressed as a Bond girl for Craig’s birthday.

The actors, who became good friends on the set of 2012 Bond film Skyfall, looked back on the prank during a new run of Variety’s “Actors on Actors”series.

With their birthdays being one day apart in March, they once decided to throw a combined celebration – however, Bardem decided to add an extra surprise for his co-star.

“I remember you were in drag, but I know that’s a whole other story,” Craig recalled.

“Coming out of a cake,” Bardem replied. “I was supposed to be the Bond girl that night, and oh, my God, I was.”

Bardem recently starred alongside Nicole Kidman in Being The Ricardos, a biographical drama about the lives of 1950s entertainment power couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

For the role as Arnaz, who led the Desi Arnaz Orchestra, Bardem had to sing; a skill that he admits he wasn’t fully sure he was capable of doing at the start.

Javier Bardem and Daniel Craig at the ‘Skyfall’ photocall in 2012 (Getty)
Javier Bardem and Daniel Craig at the ‘Skyfall’ photocall in 2012 (Getty)

In their video conversation, Craig admits to being surprised by his friend’s singing talents, saying he had “no idea” of his musical abilities.

“Well, [I’m not musical], apart from coming out of birthday cakes dressed like a Bond girl,” Bardem responded. “I sang ‘Happy Birthday to You’ in my best Marilyn Monroe impersonation.

“When [the Being the Ricardos team] told me to sing, I was like, ‘Are you sure of that? Are you sure you want me singing?’ And then I try.”

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