Jay Greeson: 5-at-10: Deion's super star power, bowl contest standings, mellow Yellowstone so far

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Dec. 22—Changing the game

No, this is not about Omicron, but I guess it could be. Everything from the Olympics to the octagon is dealing with the ripples of Omicron.

So it goes.

No this is a tangent of a different ilk.

Last week, Deion Sanders made national headlines and was the bonafide winner of signing day by flipping the nation's top prospect to Jackson State, an FCS school.

Now comes this story and news that Sanders and Jackson State drew 2.6 million viewers for Saturday's Celebration Bowl. It was the third-most-watched bowl game of the weekend according to Neilsen.

Yes, Jackson State. And the reason is obvious — it's Deion's star power.

Which then leads us to how soon will there be copycats following the JSU lead and look to star power — and an ability to lure lucrative NIL deals because of that star power — before experience to be head football coaches.

Don't get me wrong, Deion knows plenty about football, and he's one of the NFL's most effective and game-changing defensive players to ever buckle a chin strap.

But even with those playing credentials Deion Sanders is not getting a head coaching job as his first coaching job.

Coach Prime, however, has the megawatt attractive that any program not on the upper circle would love to have. Heck, FSU fans are clamoring for Coach Prime to return to Tallahassee.

And bring his star power to a bigger stage.

Bowl standings

OK, gang, we're rising tall.

Yes, there were more points in the San Diego State win, but a 2-1 night is always better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Copyright, Pop Greeson.

My picks in the bowl contest are contending early. But yes, it's still early. Here are the results through last night's action. If you do not see your name, please let me know. Very real chance I may have deleted the email.

Standings (out of a possible 15 points — seven 1-point games and four 2-point games to date)

Jeff N — 13 (and 4-of-4 on the 2s)

Brent R — 13 (also 4-of-4 on the 2s so far)

DaBigOrange — 12 (also 4-of-4 on the 2s so far)

George A — 12

5-at-10 — 11

J-Mac — 11

KC — 11 (not sure how the Sunshine Band is doing though)

Steve Mc — 11


Ted T — 10

Spy — 10

Alejandro — 10

Frank G — 10

Dawg7497 — 10

Brian E — 10

Martin S — 10

Steve Ma — 10

Fat Vader — 9

JTC — 9

Border Bandit — 9

Chuck H — 9

Drew C — 9

Richard J — 9

Believe the Heupel — 8

Louis P — 8

Mike R — 8

Chris P — 8

Tom P — 7

Doug D — 7

Jim L — 7

Ernie — 7

Gary M — 7

Troy E — 7

Willie — 7

Jason T — 7

Justin S — 7

Jefe — 7

Patrick W — 7

Kevin C — 7

Michael P — 7

Todd G — 7

DanC22 — 7

SportsFan — 7

Chris Ba. — 6

Bill H — 6

Ronald M — 5

Chris Be. — 5

Todd D — 5

Danny — 5

Randy — 5

Matt H — 5

Ted P — 5

WarEagle1 — 4

Frank C — 4

Todd C — 3

RTR19 — 3

Jason C — 3

Chas — 3

TV update

OK, if you are neck-deep into the holidays and are still behind on your DVR catch-up, skip ahead to the This and That. Trust me.

First, maybe it was the expectations. Maybe it was the previous excellence. Maybe it was just wishful thinking.

But color me underwhelmed at this "Yellowstone" season. Extremely disappointed in fact.

And maybe they are spreading themselves too thin and using too much "Yellowstone" time setting the stage for the other Dutton family spin-offs.

But this year has been whole forgettable.

That said, episode one of "1883" was everything you could have hoped for and more.

It also delivered two harsh facts:

First, Sam Elliott has been sorely underused by the Hollywood brass. Dude is a Dude with a capital D.

Second, the debut of "1883" was, simply put, what "Yellowstone" used to be.


This and that

— Speaking of picks, I'm on Army laying the 6 tonight and have a lean toward the over 54.5. Yes, eight TDs in an Army game that features fewer possessions is a lot. But have you seen Missouri tackle? Egad. How about these numbers: Army is No. 2 nationally, running for 284 yards per; Missouri defensively is 125th (out of 130) against the run, allowing 229. Plus, it gives Doug another chance to bag on the SEC.

— Also speaking of picks, double-check your scores friends, because my line in the Alphabet Bowl between BYU and UAB was flipped in the contest.

— You know the rules. Here's Paschall on Georgia super WR George Pickens, who has been unable to stay healthy so for in his time in Athens.

— Man, "The Wheel of Fortune" is making some folks ill of late. After putting rapper Yung Joc's name incorrectly on the board earlier this week — the show had Young Jock — now they are holding firm because the answer to last night's bonus puzzle was not "continuous" according to Pat Sajak, who is not coming across as a very decent fellow, I must say. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/wheel-of-fortune-fans-upset-with-another-technicality-this-time-it-cost-contestant-audi-075644949.html

— To paraphrase universal philosopher Ice Cube, dang right, Tuesday was a good day. Eagles flew — especially if you got them before it 10 — and the Rams rallied with individual exploits from Jalen Hurts and Cooper Kupp. And even a small cross-sport parlay of Heat catching 2, Dallas catching 2, New York laying 6.5, the Eagles minus-8 and the Rams minus-7 paid a tidy plus-2,290. Giddy up.

— Just seeing this, but there are whispers of a COVID outbreak among the Georgia Bulldogs. Do what?

— How is Chauncey Billups on the short list for the Basketball Hall of Fame? Anyone?

Today's questions

Hey, palindromic day. 12-22-21. Good times.

It's also a which way Wednesday, and it will start with which current spin-off is your favorite on TV right now?

Also, which job will Deion get next?

Which animated Christmas TV special is best?

We're in a rush this morning, heading to an appointment this a.m.

As for a Rushmore, let's get real. Rushmore of Christmas candy.

Go and remember the mailbag.