Jeb Bush meets, gets dissed by Ludacris

Former Florida governor crosses paths with rapper in Georgia

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was thrilled to bump into rapper Ludacris at the Georgia State Capitol on Thursday.

“I just came to see Ludacris,” Bush joked before a speech to state lawmakers, according to the Washington Post.

The likely Republican presidential candidate then tweeted a photo of his unlikely encounter with the hip-hop star, who earlier was recognized by the state House for his charitable work through the Ludacris Foundation — which has donated more than $1.5 million to youth programs across the country.

“I appreciate the fact that there are people engaged in assuring that children gain a year’s worth of knowledge in a year’s time, that we have high expectations for every child, and the fact that Ludacris is involved in supporting charter schools here in Georgia is something to be admired,” Bush said, according to ABC News. “I appreciate the fact that he is using his talents to be able to assure that children rise up, because if we don’t get that right, it’s hard to imagine how our country will continue to be the greatest country on Earth.”

The rapper, though, didn’t exactly return the pleasantries.

When asked by reporters which Bush was his favorite, Luda — who ripped President George W. Bush as “mentally handicapped” in his 2008 song “Politics” — reportedly said, “The one outside.”