The Jeep Gladiator pickup's doors are getting chopped in half ... and that's a good thing

·1 min read

Jeep is introducing a new half-door option for the Gladiator pickup.

It's essentially the same feature that launched this year for the Wrangler, which uses the same cab as the Gladiator, and offers a more open-air experience than the conventional doors.

The lockable, painted aluminum doors come as part of an Dual Door Group package that includes standard removable doors and use clip-in plastic windows with zipper openings. Several aftermarket companies sell similar accessory doors, but Jeep's can be equipped at the factory when the truck is ordered.

Prices range from $4,590 to $4,990, the difference being the type of fabric used for the window surrounds, which is matched to the two kinds of Gladiator soft tops.

Along with the introduction of optional Gorilla Glass windshields, the doors are Jeep's latest salvo in its battle against the new Ford Bronco, which comes standard doors that have frameless glass windows, but weigh much more than Jeep's half-door.

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