Jeff Ray's Weather Update

The gradual warm-up continues with nighttime temperatures staying above freezing.

Video Transcript

JEFF RAY: Yesterday we started to see a lot of melting going on. Today, even more so. We were another 10 degrees warmer. Here are temperatures right now. 53 at Love Field, 50 at [? Meacham, ?] and a lot of temperatures you see in the 50s out towards the West. And low 40s over in Paris.

And the cloud cover hung a little bit tougher, and the snow's a little deeper there. Remember the sun's energy will start melting that snow instead of warming the air, so it's very difficult to get warm temperatures when there's snow on the ground. But we got up to 56, and that's after a morning low of 22. Believe it or now, that was within three degrees of tying a record low for this morning. We have had enough record low temperatures of late.

And it's getting warmer. And here is the best news by far. We get above freezing, stay above freezing for tomorrow morning. What that means, no black ice. It's been 12 nights since we haven't had that threat of refreezing. Of course, 12 nights ago we didn't have any frozen precipitation on the roads, but that doesn't mean there aren't their own set of problems tomorrow morning with fog and drizzle.

Clouds coming in as a warm front approaches. There could be some drizzle around. Patchy fog, probably not to dense, but you can see how temperatures will be, about where they are today, for tomorrow. We'll be into the mid 50s for an afternoon high.

There's no cloud cover around, but there is a front forming on the front range. It's going to first bring a warm front through here in the overnight hours. And what that does is bring up that moisture over cold ground. And that's how you get patchy fog and drizzle in February. So we're going to wake up with that going on.

And then here comes the cold front coming through. It's going to be here in the afternoon hours across North Texas. It will be moving through, and ahead of it will be a few passing showers. This is all just light rain, a little bit better rain chances in our Eastern counties as the front hits during the daytime heating. So from Paris down and towards Kent we've got a good chance of rain. This kind of says it all.

Here are the lows at DFW for the last 12 nights. And this is the longest run of freezing February nights in 39 years, including the lowest temperature we'd seen in 72 years. And we are climbing out of this. Here's a three-day forecast. We're in the 50s tomorrow after some morning clouds and drizzle. We're 62 on Monday, and how about that on Tuesday? What cold snap? 70 degrees on Tuesday.

We do have some rain in the forecast. We're still in a very active weather pattern. Here comes the first chance. It's going to bring some chances on Thursday and Friday, and this one is probably going to bring some small chances as we go into Saturday. A bigger storm comes in, in rapid succession. Three of these systems come in, this is the stronger one.

Next weekend, probably a late Saturday, Sunday. It'll be rain chances. But we're talking about rain, yes. The temperatures will really warm up Tuesday, Wednesday, and be cooler on Thursday and Friday. But we are not cold enough to worry about any wintry [? pre-cip ?] which is nothing but good news. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, there's small rain chances. But they are around as we go into the weekend, and then up-tick a little bit come Sunday.