Jeff Ray's Weather Update

Looks to be some nice weather this Easter weekend with temperatures in the mid to low 70s

Video Transcript

JEFF RAY: This is time lapse. Pick it up at noon hour. Looking off to the west, and notice the cloud cover coming in from the west. It'll be with us across the evening hours. Not much to this. There might be a little bit of drizzle across the weekend because of this cloud cover coming a and a storm system, but I'll show you that in a second.

It's now 70 degrees, warmest part of the day so far here at the 4 o'clock hour. Do notice the dew point at 30 degrees and the relative humidity at 23%. The two are related. And it certainly shows that there is very dry air in place. Very comfortable out there.

Of course, not so comfortable in the mornings of late. Of course, yesterday morning 42 the coldest temperature we had in a couple of weeks. This morning was 46. We're going to warm up these mornings as we get into Easter weekend.

Looks like the temperature tomorrow will be about 71 degrees, partly cloudy sky. More clouds in the morning than in the afternoon. That's going to be a nice day.

On Easter Sunday itself, low 70s. We're going to talk about this little bit of rain chance, mostly in our southern counties on Sunday. Don't change any outdoor plans. But temperatures will be comfortably in the afternoon into the low 70s.

Here's that cloud cover I was telling you about. Notice there's a little bit of rain trying to hit the ground over by Wichita Falls it's not. The air literally too dry for the rain to reach the ground. These dew points in the 30s will come up this weekend.

Still not so bad tomorrow. This is tomorrow afternoon, we've got dew points in the mid 40s. That's still very comfortable. But as we get into Sunday, you know, that'll be the third day of a strong south wind. So dew points in the mid 50s, a little bit higher. And that means if there's any rain, there might actually hit the ground by the time we get to Sunday.

Well, let's run through futurecast. This is in the morning tomorrow. Mostly clouds. Notice it trying to rain from Comanche over to Anderson County. And the same story across the afternoon, maybe even further south. Meanwhile, in the low 70s with some sunshine.

As we go into Sunday, we're talking about temperatures starting in the 50s because of the cloud cover. And these rain chances persistent. Down across the 35 corridor and across our southern counties, we're talking about that 20% chance of a little bit of light rain. If you're looking for a decent chance of rain, it won't be this system coming over us this weekend, but this one as we get into the weekend-- getting to Wednesday, excuse me. But that's only like a 20% chance of rain.

So again, we have a nice weekend. And then next workweek, it is warm. Some of the warmest temperatures we have seen this year. By Wednesday 87, before the front comes through. And still, on the other side of the front, only in the low 80s.