Jeff Ray's Weather Update

It was a fall-like day in North Texas Sunday and more is expected through the week.

Video Transcript

JEFF RAY: Talk about temperatures this morning. 45 degrees officially at the airport, but there were areas that got down into the 30s. 38 in Mineral Wells, 39 in Sherman. So a chill in the air, needless to say, here on our Sunday morning. It's still blue sky out there. There was some clouds midday.

But 69 degrees right now. The dew point's at 33. That's really dry air. That's why it's absolutely gorgeous out there. A little bit of a breeze. That's been the story all day, a brisk north wind.

That high pressure was building in. It was enough to clear out the cloud cover all the way to the Hill Country. And kept everything coming in from the west at bay as well. So we had this high pressure today give us this beautiful afternoon.

But high pressure, clear skies tonight will give us another chilly night. In fact, it might be even colder in many locations. Denton at 39 is the forecasted low. But I think many areas will be in the low 40s, if not in the upper 30s even.

Meanwhile, for the Metroplex, about right where we were this morning, mid 40s, I think, for a low as you start your Monday. Now tomorrow, one big difference to the high pressure building in, it's going to be low pressure spinning up. And that means a south wind instead of a north wind.

So it's warmer tomorrow despite the same start, with mostly clear skies, mid 40s. We get into the mid 70s tomorrow afternoon. And some high, thin cloud cover probably coming in.

So we'll run Futurecast, talk about Tuesday. Because Tuesday morning, the front's coming in. We'll start in the low 50s. But then some really cold air starts to pour in. So we'll barely get into the low 60s for a high.

This is record-breaking cold that's coming down from the central Plains. And there's going to be a lot of record lows across the central Plains, including in Texas. This is Wednesday morning. We're forecasting low at the airport, 39. Would tie a record low set back in 1918. It's only been colder than that this late in spring one time in the last 100 years. So this is really unusual to be this cold this late. And you see temperatures near freezing along the Red River.

Now, after this big chill, we've got some big rain and some thunderstorms. This is on Friday afternoon and evening. We'll keep you posted. There could be some strong thunderstorms on Friday. Temperatures will be in the mid 70s by then. And you can see across the weekend, in the 70s and dry.