Jeff Ray's Weather Update

A threat of severe weather in East Texas. In North Texas, the weather is warm but cooling down.

Video Transcript

JEFF RAY: Good evening, everybody. I'm meteorologist Jeff Ray. Because of basketball covering our 6 o'clock show, we wanted to do a weather update here on CBS DFW. Now we do have a tornado watch out for eastern counties of East Texas. East of us, that's where the tornado watch is in effect for the rest of the evening. And we are indeed watching these storms that are been cropping up in the watch areas. There's tornado watches really all the way from Texas-- in fact, almost into North Carolina. But this area right here has been very active here across the late afternoon hours. And as we go into the evening, we do suspect this activity to continue. We actually got a tornado warning in Cherokee County. That's literally one county over from our area. So already, some severe weather getting started here just at the very western edge of the tornado watch box. And expect to be a very active evening over this entire area.

So that's just more severe weather in the South and to our East, but for us, it's about a cold front coming through. It's 72 degrees at 6 o'clock in Bowie and temperatures are starting to drop in Denton as well. It's 80 degrees in Dallas. And the big difference in temperature is because of the cold front. It's starting to move through the Metroplex. Now as it gets into our eastern counties later tonight, we'll still watch to see if it can kick up some strong thunderstorms. If it does, they could produce hail, 60 mile per hour winds. This would be to the east of the Metroplex. OK? Not for the Metro area. We'll have this front come through over the next couple of hours and we'll be fine for the rest of the weekend.

Here's Futurecast kind of showing this. So this is at 9 o'clock and you can see the front already through the Metro area. But still, way ahead of it is where we think this severe weather will be going on for the rest of the evening. As the front kicks through all of North Texas by 11 o'clock, the severe weather threat ends for everybody in North Texas at the end of the evening. And then it tries to clear out overnight. We'll have plenty of sunshine tomorrow. I will warn you, by tomorrow, it's going to be very windy. But the good news is it's going to be very dry air. We have high dew points today. And when temperatures got into the 80s today, it was almost early summer-like out there. But with this front coming through, the dew points will drop all the way down into the 40s, even upper 30s, by the time we get into Sunday afternoon. So it's going to feel much more comfortable than that.

You know, it is spring. Spring rain still always, it seems, part of our forecast this time of year. Here's the next chance of rain as we go into Tuesday night. This is at the end of the day on Tuesday, and the front still not here. So it's another 80 degree day on Tuesday. But we're going to have that rain chance along the front. There could be some strong thunderstorms, as well. Keep an eye on this. This is the midnight hour. So again, these are rain and thunderstorm chances Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Because if the front comes through even past that, we could end up with some shower activity going on in the morning hours on Wednesday. But it'll quickly leave and quickly clear out, and temperatures will be much cooler. So Tuesday in the 80s and then Wednesday, we'll be in the mid 60s. Up and down we go.

That's it for precip chances in the week ahead. That's unusual, really. This time of year, we get into a lot of thunderstorm activity, a lot of rain chances that seem to come every two or three days. That's not the case in the week ahead. We've got this one little chance Tuesday night into Wednesday. And it's starting to get really dry out there. This is a month's animation of the drought monitor ending with the current look. And right here, this color right here, this is severe drought. So we will have severe drought now in Tarrant County and Wise County, down across the South in Bosque County, Hill County. This is getting a little dry out here. And of course, in springtime you never want dry weather.

Here's the 7 day forecast. Sunday looks great. It's breezy, a very windy day, but low 70s, low humidity. Monday even better because it's in the mid 70s, very comfortable. We do have a south wind picking up, so the humidity will start to pick up, but still be very pleasant on Monday. Tuesday very warm with the late storms and the front coming through. And then a couple of days of cooler weather. Notice the overnight lows. We're talking about it getting down to 40 degrees on Thursday, so nothing very cold. But of course, on Thursday, it is the first day of April. We'll have temperatures upper 60s that day, Friday low 70s, and by Saturday mid 70s. And right now, Easter Sunday looking dry.