Jeff Ray's Weather Forecast

First time in nearly two weeks that nighttime temperatures are above freezing

Video Transcript

Jeff Ray: We had a lot of sunshine throughout the day, from beginning to end. And as we went into evening, a south wind has started to pick up. So the temperatures haven't dropped that much. But boy, did they drop this morning under those clear skies. 22 was the low. That was within three degrees of tying yet another record low. So it was, indeed, a very cold start. There was more black ice around North Texas because of that cold start.

But 56 was the high, the warmest day we have had in 12 days. And here is the best news yet, for the first time in 12 nights, we are not going to get below freezing. Temperatures actually are going to be well above that. They'll end up somewhere around the mid-40s by the time we get to daybreak. That's because of a south wind that will be a little breezy throughout the overnight hours. So this is, indeed, the end of that streak of freezing nights, ending at 12 nights.

Your hour-by-hour forecast, as you go into the morning hours, notice I got a little drizzle here, a little light rain. It is just drizzle and fog. I don't think the fog will be dangerously thick, but it will be patchy fog with that drizzle around in the morning, and temperatures hanging into the 40s. We'll end up around 60 degrees for an afternoon high, once we get a little bit of sun.

OK. Obviously not a lot of cloud-cover around, but this system, right here, that's spinning around in the Oklahoma Panhandle, is drawing up all this south wind. So all that moisture coming over this cold ground, the ground is still cold, is going to produce that patchy fog and that drizzle. And then this front comes in as we close the day, and it's going to work a little bit with that moisture. I mean, there's not a lot of it, so there is a chance for some scattered, light rain ahead of that front, but mostly in our Eastern counties. And the front comes through and clears this out again. We actually have a little bit of a chill in the air as we start our Monday.

But tomorrow's high expected to be 60, 62 on Monday, after about a freezing start. And then, on Tuesday, can you believe it, a 70-degree day. We're still in a very active weather pattern. So that means we have rain right back in the forecast. We have it Thursday and Friday with this coming through. Another one to start the weekend might give us some showers on Saturday. This is a stronger one that will probably give us some rain chances on Sunday.

But here's the good news, we're talking about several rain chances, but we're talking about temperatures staying above freezing. Even on the other side of that front on Thursday and Friday, temperatures will be in the 50s and overnight lows will be above freezing. This is the only freeze I have in the seven day forecast. It's Monday morning. Then that very nice warm-up, and then those rain chances that linger into the weekend.