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Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputies Want Parents To Be On Alert

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"It is the second alarming incident in the area this week involving an unknown male engaging inappropriately with children," JCSO stated in a press release Saturday.

Video Transcript

- With the warmer weather, kids spend more time outside, but Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is warning parents to be careful.

Our Justin Adams tells us about two scary incidents from the last week.

JUSTIN ADAMS: Deputies have increased foot traffic here at Harriman Lake Park after two close calls of child abduction.

Phyllis enjoys walks on the Weaver Gulch Trail with her husband. But when she heard the two kids in the neighborhood were almost abducted last week, it broke this mother's heart.

- It just upsets me to know that somebody would go out and harm children, try and take children. It's so wrong.

JUSTIN ADAMS: Jefferson County Sheriff's Office put out an alert to the community. The first incident happened last Tuesday with a nine-year-old girl on the Weaver Gulch Trail.

- A man approached her, said hello to her, she said hi back, and then the man grabbed her by the arm. Our girl screamed, and thankfully he ran off.

JUSTIN ADAMS: The next incident was on Friday, just a mile away in the area of West Temple Drive. A car approached two siblings who were walking to the edge of the block, when a car stopped in front of them and a man tried to give the kids a Skip-It toy.

- Thankfully, their father was outside as well. He saw this happen. And as he started to approach the man and his children, the man got back in his car and left the area.

JUSTIN ADAMS: Since the incidents, deputies have been busy driving through the area looking for the gold sedan, and they need your help as well. If you've seen a gold sedan or have any video of the incident, you are asked to contact Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

In Jefferson County, Justin Adams covering Colorado First.