Ghislaine Maxwell ‘told reporter that Epstein had tapes of Trump and Clinton’

<p>Ghislaine Maxwell with Jeffrey Epstein, as pictured after being charged </p> (AFP via Getty)

Ghislaine Maxwell with Jeffrey Epstein, as pictured after being charged

(AFP via Getty)
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Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly told a journalist that Jeffrey Epstein recorded tapes of former presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, who were former acquaintances of the disgraced sex offender.

Ms Maxwell, who awaits trial on charges she assisted Epstein’s crimes in the 1990s, reportedly told a CBS “60 minutes” producer that she would not release tapes of Mr Trump without those of Mr Clinton before the 2016 presidential election.

The apparent revelations were made by Ira Rosen, an ex-producer for the CBS show, who released a memoir called “Ticking Clock: Behind the Scenes at 60 Minutes,” which reveals details about his time on the award-winning programme.

As reported by The Telegraph, Mr Rosen wrote that he was acting on a "hunch" that secret recordings of Epstein’s former acquaintances existed — although the theory was never confirmed, and no tapes have been forthcoming.

Mr Rosen allegedly told Ms Maxwell: "I want the tapes. I know he [Epstein] was videotaping everyone."

Ms Maxwell was said to have looked “stern” and "pointed a finger” at Mr Rosen, who theorised that Epstein secretly recorded those who visited his properties in Florida and New York in the 1990s, which included the former presidents — and the suspected locations of where he carried out crimes.

Ms Maxwell reportedly told Mr Rosen: “I am the daughter of a press baron. I know the way you people think. If you do one side, you must do the other. If you get the tapes on Trump you have to do Clinton'."

The producer then responded: "I will. I will go wherever the story goes."

Mr Trump previously remarked that he met Ms Maxwell "numerous times" but was "not a fan" of Epstein before the pair fell out, while Mr Clinton has previously said his friendship with Epstein ended before the former financier was convicted, and denied visiting Epstein’s properties.

Ms Maxwell, who has denied any wrongdoing, is being held without bail at a facility in Manhattan, before her trial in July.

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