The "Jello Skin" Trend Is the Ultimate Skin Care and Wellness Combo

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Our skin is our body's largest organ and while we love products that make us glow from the outside, overall health has a big effect on how our skin appears.

Jello skin is the newest skin care craze to go viral on TikTok and it focuses on a more holistic approach to skin care—while what we put on our skin is important, we can't ignore what's happening beneath the surface.

The term was coined by Ava Lee of @glowwithava, a content creator who focuses on all things beauty and skin care, but has since gained traction all over the app.

As a lover of Korean skin care, Lee gives plenty of product recommendations but also talks about the importance of facial massage, hydration and a nutrient-rich diet in her quest for glowing skin.

One of the key ingredients Lee advocates for is collagen, which she recommends getting through food, sharing plenty of recipes for meals and herbal teas on her page.

We also see Lee using plenty of facial massage techniques, from using gua sha stones to massaging acupressure points with the hands to encourage circulation and lymphatic drainage.

In one of her trending videos, Lee gave some context on how the term got its start.

"I want my skin to be as elastic and bouncy as jello or rice cakes. Every time you move it out of place it should bounce back immediately," she explained. "In Korea, this is called 'taeng taeng.' Since there is no direct translation, I am calling it jello skin."

Lee also revealed that, apart from the comparison to the gelatin-based food, "jello" can also be used as an acronym.

The "J" represents the journey of getting your skin to where you want it to be; "E" for eating and paying attention to diet; the first "L" for lifestyle; the second "L" for laughing to "move your facial muscles;" and "O" for accepting that "old is not bad—age gracefully with plump skin."

Looking to get the jello skin glow? Here are a few recommendations to get you started.

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