Jenelle Evans Says She's a 'Good Mom' After Getting Slammed For Son's School Pics

Whitney Vasquez

Jenelle Evans is defending her skills as a mom after getting slammed for posting pictures doting on her son at school weeks after regaining custody.

The former "Teen Mom" star shared several snaps from her son Kaiser's first day of preschool on Thursday, and followers unleashed on Evans.

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Several comments questioned her parenting skills and threw pity at her son -- that's when she fired back.

"I'm a damn good mom and will shout it until your ears bleed," she wrote, hours after the photos were posted.

She's clearly giving the bird to anyone who wants to critique her as a mother.

Evans shared several pictures from Kaiser's first day, including this one showing the 5-year-old holding a chalk sign that's very telling.

It reveals his first day of class was Thursday and when he grows up he wants to be a police officer.

Interesting occupation choice considering his family dynamic.

Evans also showed off a snap of Kaiser with his stepdad, David Eason, and their daughter, Ensley, who's 2 years old.

"At his new desk like a #BigBoy in #Kindergarten but he’s still #MommasBoy," she wrote.

Her post flooded with comments like: "Sad excuse of a "mother," "Can’t be a mamas boy when you don’t spend time with them," and "Trying to pretend like you’re actually a good mom!"

Jenelle and David regained custody of Kaiser and Ensley right before July 4th.

As The Blast reported, they were removed from the home while officials investigated whether it was a safe environment following the allegedly brutal death of their French Bulldog, Nugget.

Officials in Columbus County, North Carolina ended up closing the investigation, which had centered around Jenelle's husband because they say she lied.

According to the sheriff, "Jenelle stated that the reason she filed the animal cruelty report was for the publicity and because she did not know where her dog was."

She originally told investigators she heard a gunshot, but officials could not find any blood, or evidence of weapons.

As we reported, the former "Teen Mom" star was originally behind the story that Eason murdered their dog after he nipped Ensley.

In fact, sources with direct knowledge of the situation told The Blast, after Nugget nipped at her daughter, he allegedly sprung up, grabbed the dog by the throat and slammed it on the ground, before reportedly continuing to beat it.

Evans has since said the cops are lying and she didn't use Nugget's death for publicity.