Jenna Bush Hager Celebrates Birthday Of Sister Barbara's daughter

The Bush family had something very special to celebrate over the weekend.

Hoda & Jenna co-host Jenna Bush Hager helped her twin sister, Barbara Pierce Bush, ring in an important milestone for the famous family: Her daughter Cora's first birthday.

"We got to celebrate my niece's first birthday!" Jenna announced Monday morning on Hoda & Jenna. "She's so cute."

To ring in Cora Georgia Coyne's birthday, the family enjoyed breakfast tacos and "a little bit of queso," the proud aunt explained.

"She knows how to celebrate," Jenna said of her niece, who was born almost six weeks before her due date on Sept. 27, 2021.

For her first birthday cake, newly minted toddler Cora enjoyed a carrot cake — but without any sugar. Mom Barbara doesn't want her firstborn to eat enjoy any of the sweet stuff just yet, Jenna explained.

Of course, seasoned mom of three Jenna and her husband, Henry Chase Hager, could only laugh at Barbara's "no sugar" policy.

"Just you wait," Jenna joked. "Just you wait, when your child is stuffing their mouth with whatever marshmallow they can find."

Co-host Hoda Kotb agreed, adding that it's inevitable a "sugar free" rule is futile at best.

"When you say no cookies or candy, the minute you turn your back there it is — they're devouring it," Hoda said. "Just give a little (sugar)."

That was certainly the case for Jenna as a kid, who shared that her mom, former first lady Laura Bush, didn't give her children any snacks when they were little. As a result, Jenna would sneak off to friend Robyn's house and "steal all their Twinkies."

"Robyn would have one Twinkie because they were allowed sugar," Jenna added. "I would have as many Twinkies (as I could)."

Sugar or no sugar, Jenna shared that her sister is "so happy" to be a mom for one full year and to celebrate the birth of her daughter. Last year, after Cora was born, Jenna shared how excited she was for her sister to become a mom.

“When I got pregnant with Hal there was some guilt a little bit, for both Barbara and then I knew (Hoda) wanted another baby, and my mom said, ‘Everybody gets their baby in their time,'" Jenna said at the time. "And this is Barbara’s time.”

For Cora's birthday celebration, Jenna said her children also got in on the fun. "It was really fun to get to celebrate," Jenna explained. "The kids were there. Hal kept saying, 'When are we going to Cora's house?'"

Jenna's daughters — 9-year-old Mila and 7-year-old Poppy — also wanted to give their cousin some special, birthday girl treatment.

"My girls just want to lift her up everywhere," Jenna said.

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