Jenna Jameson leaves Twitter after anti-Semitic comments: 'I am being attacked for my faith'

Jenna Jameson is taking “an indefinite break from Twitter.” The declaration came after the former adult film star felt she was being attacked for her Jewish faith online.

Jameson, who is outspoken about her conservative views, was tweeting during President Trump’s address on border security Tuesday.

And then she started to receive hateful tweets. While replying to one comment (which has since been deleted), Jameson, 44, declared “Antisemitism is alive and well.”

Another person on Twitter insinuated that Jameson was going to hell because she is “conservative,” “Jewish” and a “hoe.”

In 2015, Jameson converted from Catholicism to Judaism for her Israeli-born fiancé, Lior Bitton. She got sober that same year and has been open about the positive impact it has had on her life.

While Jameson is going on hiatus from Twitter, she didn’t say anything about Instagram. The model uses the platform regularly to share her weight-loss journey.

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