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Jennifer Garner on Getting Through a ‘Hard Year for Moms’ With ‘Yes Day’ (Exclusive)

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ET's Kevin Frazier spoke with the actress about her new movie, 'Yes Day,' streaming March 12 on Netflix.

Video Transcript

JENNIFER GARNER: Jennifer Garner went the extra mile for her kids' quarantine birthdays writing, "Here's to finding a way to celebrate no matter what." Now clearly Jen practices what she preaches. Case in point, her great new Netflix movie, "Yes Day".

- Who's ready for yes day?

KEVIN FRAZIER: It feels like this movie was first and foremost made for moms to understand that you're all going through the same doggone thing.

JENNIFER GARNER: Absolutely. This has been such a hard year for moms. We've had to say no, no, no. We've had to watch our kids be just heartbroken, miss out on things. It's one thing to miss out on something as an adult, but to watch your kids have to miss something they've looked forward to or just how hard it's been to see them isolated and on Zoom every day. And it's just so fun to watch moms watch the movie.

EDGAR RAMIREZ: How do you feel as a father?

KEVIN FRAZIER: I mean, it makes you feel like yes, she is the bad guy all the time.


KEVIN FRAZIER: Isn't that what you kind of felt playing this role?

EDGAR RAMIREZ: I hope that-- you know, this movie will, you know, entertained all of us, you know, and inspire us to really give quality time to the people that we love. And also, you know, put on your grown men pants and stop being another kid to your wife and not to get involved. Let get it go.

KEVIN FRAZIER: A car wash with windows down, a giant water balloon fight and Jen arrested.

- Oh, can I do that again?

KEVIN FRAZIER: Yeah, that all happens in Netflix's new family movie based on the children's book, "Yes Day", which she used to read to her own kids. Jennifer, also thought you got right how your teenagers turn on you and they become so doggone condescending. People are like, oh, but you're Jennifer Garner. But your teenager doesn't--


JENNIFER GARNER: Oh, it's not a positive to be a-- to be me, somebody that people would think, oh, how cool to have that person as a mom.


JENNIFER GARNER: No. But, I mean, my teenager and my adolescent are both lovely.

KEVIN FRAZIER: Jen is away from her teenager Violet, adolescent Seraphina and Samuel. She's in Canada at the moment filming "The Atom Project". We caught her on her last day of quarantine.

JENNIFER GARNER: I've been writing a lot of letters home to my kids, but I've been sitting right here in front of this window watching Vancouver's weather change. I know the weather patterns of the last two weeks pretty well.