Jennifer Hudson’s Teen Son Is Making The Most Of Having A Famous Mother

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The kids are getting smart when using their celebrity parents’ perks. For example, Jennifer Hudson’s son, David Daniel Otunga Jr., formulated the perfect game plan to meet LeBron James.

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During Hudson’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, the EGOT winner confessed her latest venture as a daytime talk show host has gotten her son’s attention the most.

Hudson’s 13-year-old, whom she shares with her ex David Otunga, has overlooked his mother’s fame status for most of his childhood, but recently he’s had a change of heart.

“He watches it on TikTok. Everything comes from TikTok. I wasn’t famous to him, it didn’t matter what I did until I got a talk show,” she said.

David Jr. pulled his mom’s fame card to meet LeBron James during a recent Los Angeles basketball game.

“So now he calls me Jennifer Hudson. We were at the All-Star game, and he wanted to meet King James, and all I heard was ‘Jennifer Hudson! Jennifer Hudson, come over here and introduce us to King James,’” she shared.

“And I said, Oh Lord, here I come with these children, because I have my son and seven of his cousins — I call it Camp David, I roll around with a whole basketball team,” she added.

Hudson noted that James “came right over” to greet the boys, and she thanked him. Kimmel joked that Hudson’s son was “getting positive reinforcement from embarrassing you in public.”

“I guess so. He knows he gets perks from it now because when they’re little, they don’t know what’s going on. They see the superheroes, and they’re cool but not mommy,” she said.

Despite being a famous artist, Hudson also admitted that parenting comes first. She shared with Kimmel that one of her parenting methods includes monitoring her son’s phone.

“I’m Mama Hud, I’m gonna check that phone,” she told Kimmel.

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