Jennifer Lawrence Embarrasses Dave Letterman

Jennifer Lawrence Embarrasses Dave Letterman

Today in celebrity gossip: Jennifer Lawrence takes her filthy road act to Dave Letterman's show, Harry Styles has a girlfriend, and Kanye West really wants Kim Kardashian to be in Vogue.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence, beloved as much for her goofy public persona as she is for her strong work in films like Silver Linings Playbook and The Hunger Games, went on the Late Show with David Letterman last night and said a couple of things that made Dave blush, or at least pretend to blush in that way that he does, especially with young women guests. Basically Lawrence was talking about some stomach issues she'd been having that eventually landed her in the hospital, and said something to the effect of "you can only s**t your pants so many times a day before you go to the emergency room." So she made a swear and mentioned unseemly bodily functions, and Dave did one of his extended reaction bits, the amusingly stunned old man routine, and it played well, and Lawrence giggled through it and then barreled ahead with her story, which included wacky things she said to her anesthesiologist about reality TV shows like the Kardashians and the Real Housewives and... I dunno. I suppose it's all charming, but I feel a bit of artifice and aggression seeping into Jennifer Lawrence's whole "aren't a I lovable good-times gal, just a real clumsy cut-up" shtick. This interview is a bit manic, like she feels like she needs to pedal a bit harder to get the same juice she used to get. Which is not good! We don't want to see that. She should just be herself. Though I guess the trouble is, the more of these things you do, and Jennifer Lawrence does so very many interviews, you probably start to forget what that means. Herself. What is your real self, when so much of your life is the same anecdotes over and over again, answers to the same questions, an unending stream of compliments that demand modesty, or self-effacement. I'm sure Jennifer Lawrence knows her real self when she's, I dunno, on the toilet or something, but herself as it relates to the public world, I wonder if that makes much sense to her anymore. Which is weird, and sad. At least she'll be done with Catching Fire press pretty soon and then there will maybe be a little American Hustle tour to be done, but that'll be it for a while. Until X-Men, I guess. Hopefully she doesn't get nominated for a supporting actress Oscar for American Hustle, because then that would be a whole other process, one her strained routine might not be able to withstand. Let's hope this is it from Jennifer Lawrence for a while. She's great, but we shouldn't put so much pressure on her. That's all. [Daily Mail]

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On perhaps the complete other side of the spectrum, we have Kanye West, who really wants his latest project to get as much attention in the press as possible. But not just any press, the really respected press. So he's been buttering up Vogue editor Anna Wintour in the hopes of getting his newest work, "Kim Kardashian 2.0," on the cover of the magazine. He had Wintour and Vogue creative director Grace Coddington sit next to Kim and her mother Kris at his concert at the Barclays center on Tuesday night, hoping I guess that they'd chat and hit it off and Anna would realize what a marvelous thing Kanye has made and decide right then and there to put her on the cover of the magazine. Who knows if it worked, but I can't imagine that Kris saying "Ya know, you could do like a mother/daughter kind of a thing or whatever, that could be cool, right Kimmie? Like we talked about? A mother/daughter sorta cover for the magazine?" helped the cause much. And of course Grace Coddington was probably far too busy casting spells and whatnot to even pay attention to the mortals seated next to her. Really I think the true accomplishment here is that Kanye got Anna Wintour not only to Brooklyn, but to a sporting arena. That's quite an achievement in its own right, and I think he should be proud of that. But yeah, I can't really see Kim Kardashian ever being on the cover of Vogue. I really can't. [Page Six]

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Speaking of Jenner people, it seems that Kris's teenage daughter Kendall, 18, has a new boyfriend. And what a boyfriend! The teen is rumored to be dating One Direction's main heartthrob Harry Styles, 19, the floppy-haired lad from Cheshire who could basically get any girl in the whole world. And he chose Kendall! Supposedly. All we know is that they were photographed in a car together. But I think we all know that if two teens are in a car together, and they share corresponding sexual preferences, then they are totally dating or at least doing some medium- to heavy-petting. So this ought to throw the 1Der world into a snit. Though, hasn't that whole scene kind of died down of late? I know the boys still have millions of shrieking fans who would kill a man for a chance to touch even just their hair, but the hubbub does feel a bit quieted down from what it once was. Fans get older, y'know. So maybe they're more mature now, have boyfriends of their own, and so are able to be happy for Harry and Kendall, to say "Oh that's nice, good for them." Maybe that has happened! Or, maybe not [Us Weekly]

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Pippa Middleton, party supply heiress and sister of future British queen Duchess Kate, attended a gala function last night on the arm of her stockbroker boyfriend Nico Jackson. They made for a dashing pair, Pippa in an elegant black gown, Jackson with a swoop of hair and a smart tuxedo. Everyone was abuzz about how good they looked, which was exactly the point, Pippa hoping that Harry would see the photos and give her a call like he'd promised to do after the last time they... were intimate. That was months ago, and still nothing. All of a sudden he'd grown distant, seemed distracted. She tried to talk to Kate about it, but she waved it off, said, "Oh it's probably nothing. You know him. He's such a scoundrel," Pippa detecting the faintest hint of a smile on her sister's face, thinking that maybe Kate was making fun of her. Of course not knowing the real truth, the bigger lie being told. So she's still waiting, poor Pippa. Still hoping that maybe this dress, this dashing finance man on her arm, will be the one to shake Harry out of his lothario stupor and convince him to settle down with a Middleton of his own. If only she knew, the dear. If only she knew. [Daily Mail]

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