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Jennifer Lawrence Reacts to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Rumored Reconciliation

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The actress happened to be taping 'The B**ch Bible' podcast when photos surfaced of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck together.

Video Transcript

JENNIFER LOPEZ: I'm glad for the way you make me feel. I'm still Jenny from the block.

- J.Lo almost made it Instagram official with Ben posting this throwback to what she called her favorite album, This Is Me-- Then, celebrating the surprising fact that it's back on the charts.

JENNIFER LOPEZ: Used to have a little now I have a lot.

- Oh, but we see you J.Lo. Baby I love you.

JENNIFER LOPEZ: Baby I love you.

- The 2002 album was dedicated to Ben. Featured him in one of the videos, and he inspired the title.

JENNIFER LOPEZ: He was like, you know, this is your music, and it's great, and it's who you are.

- There's even a song called Dear Ben.

JENNIFER LOPEZ: It seems I'm addicted to the ways you like to touch me.

- And to top it all off, Ben used one song off the album to set the scene for his 2002 proposal.

JENNIFER LOPEZ: So many candles and vases with bouquets and my song Glad was playing. I'm glad when you walk you hold my hand.

- Um, get the message? Well, there's more. Just one hour before J.Lo's post A-Rod shared a photo that also had people wondering about a hidden meaning. The pic shows Alex having dinner with his daughters, but look there are three empty table settings which in theory, could be for J.Lo and her two kids Max and Emmy. A source tells ET A-Rod was surprised by how quickly Jennifer Lopez reunited with Ben Affleck after their breakup. But you know who's not mad? Jay Law

JENNIFER LAWRENCE: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together?

- Jennifer Lawrence was on a friend's podcast and freaked out when she heard the beautiful news.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE: They are on vacation with each other right now [INTERPOSING VOICES] I'm so excited. I'm so happy for them.