Jennifer Lawrence Says Erika Jayne of ‘RHOBH’ 'Needs A Publicist ASAP’

Jennifer Lawrence Says Erika Jayne of ‘RHOBH’ 'Needs A Publicist ASAP’

Jennifer Lawrence has opinions about “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” — and she’s not afraid to share them.

While recently promoting her latest movie, “Causeway,” at the Toronto International Film Festival, the 32-year-old Oscar winner told Variety her opinions on one cast member, Erika Jayne.

“My biggest problem with this season is that it’s just been boring and I think that Erika is evil,” said Lawrence, laughing. “I would go as far as to say, she needs a publicist ASAP.” (Jayne does indeed have a publicist).

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, left, called
Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, left, called

Lawrence added that Jayne‘s co-stars on the show should warn her that she’s not portraying herself in the best light, something that Jayne‘s cast mates Crystal Kung Minkoff, Garcelle Beauvais and Kyle Richards all did during last week’s episode of “RHOBH.”

Lawrence compared Jayne‘s situation to the cast of “The Real Housewives of New York” letting Dorinda Medley appear on screen with lipstick smeared on her face.

Brian Tyree Henry, Lawrence’s co-star in “Causeway,” weighed in on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” too during the same interview.

“Don’t drag me into this, I don’t want Dorinda or Erika coming for me, we’re good,” Henry joked to Variety.

Both Lawrence and Henry gave good marks to Kathy Hilton, the newest “RHOBH” cast member. When asked if Hilton should stay or go next season, the pair agreed she should stick around.

“Stay! Are you out of your mind!” said Henry.

Lawrence and Henry also agreed that cast member Sutton Stracke should stay, too.

Jayne, 51, has been embroiled in numerous legal challenges due to her estranged husband, former attorney Tom Girardi’s, alleged misappropriation of client funds over the years, all of which came to light after Jayne filed for divorce in November 2020. The allegations against her and her estranged husband have piled up since, turning into the main storyline on “RHOBH” for two seasons straight.

In 2020, Girardi was sued for allegedly embezzling funds $2 million from a settlement reserved for the families of victims of the 2018 Lion Air crash in Indonesia, as TODAY reported. Jayne was named in the complaint, with the plaintiff’s firm alleging that Girardi embezzled the money “in order to continue funding his and Erika’s lavish Beverly Hills lifestyles.”

In January, Jayne was dismissed from the lawsuit. “Erika had no role in the Lion Air dealings, actions, or inaction as between the attorneys and their clients, and she never received any of the Lion Air client settlement funds,” Jayne‘s attorney Evan Borges said, per NBC. TODAY reached out to Jayne for comment.

The case against Girardi continues in a Chicago federal court. Jay Edelson, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said in January on Twitter that his firm does not plan to “stop pursuing” Jayne and will file in a different court.

In February, another lawsuit accused Jayne of aiding and abetting in one of Girardi’s financial wrongdoings. The $2.1 million lawsuit claimed that Jayne was aware of an alleged scheme in which Girardi withheld a cash settlement from his law partner and their client Kathleen Bajgrowicz, the mother of the late NFL player Chuck Osborne.

Borges, Jayne’s lawyer, denied the allegations at the time, telling NBC News in a statement, “The complaint is another misguided effort to blame Erika for the conduct of others in which she had no part.”

Girardi, 82, was diagnosed with dementia and late-onset Alzheimer’s disease in March 2021 and was placed under a conservatorship. He is now living in a nursing care facility, per People. His brother, who is his legal guardian, has told the California State Bar that Girardi “will never practice law again,” per the L.A. Times. TODAY has reached out to Girardi for comment.

Season 12 of “RHOBH” is coming to a close this autumn.

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