Jennifer Lopez wants to make sequel to box office flop Gigli with Ben Affleck

Could Jennifer Lopez single-handedly bring back the early aughts?

Not only did the Shotgun Wedding actress recently announce a follow-up to her 2002 album, This Is Me… Then, but she's now said she'd be up for reviving her universally panned 2003 film Gigli, too.

While taking Vogue on a tour of her home as part of its "73 Questions" video series, Lopez was asked which of her films she'd like to get a sequel. Her succinct response? "Gigli."

Written and directed by Martin Brest, the crime comedy, which starred her and now-husband Ben Affleck, centered around a bumbling mobster named Larry (Affleck) who is tasked with kidnapping the younger brother of a powerful prosecutor. An independent contractor named Ricki (Lopez) accompanies him to ensure that the mission goes smoothly.

Despite being completely decimated both online and at the box office (the film made a measly $7.2 million back from its $75.6 million budget), Gigli holds a soft spot in Lopez's heart considering she and Affleck first met on its set back in 2001 and began dating the following year. The pair would break up in 2004 only to reunite decades later. So yeah, understandable choice, Jen.

Affleck, however, doesn't exactly share Lopez's rose-tinted view of Gigli, though he does credit the phenomenal flop as the driving force behind his decision to become a director.

"If the reaction to Gigli hadn't happened, I probably wouldn't have ultimately decided, 'I don't really have any other avenue but to direct movies,' which has turned out to be the real love of my professional life," Ben Affleck told EW in January. "So in those ways, it's a gift. And I did get to meet Jennifer, the relationship with whom has been really meaningful to me in my life."

Gigli Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Phillip Caruso/Columbia Pictures Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in 'Gigli'

In hindsight, Affleck added, the film was essentially a "horse's head in a cow's body" that didn't quite make sense.

"The studio at the time, because I had begun having this relationship with Jennifer Lopez, which was selling a lot of magazines and appeared to generate a lot of enthusiasm, they just predictably latched onto, 'They want a romantic comedy. They want the two of them together. More of that!' And it was just like that SNL sketch: 'Bad Idea.'"

The couple, who got married over the summer, also starred together in the 2004 film Jersey Girl, which, if we're being honest, might be a better sequel option.

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