Jenny Mannerheim for Each x Other: 'Each x Other plays with timeless codes'

Jenny Mannerheim and Ilan Delouis present the spring/summer 2017 Each x Other collection September 30 in Paris.

Ahead of Paris Fashion Week (September 27 to October 5), Relaxnews caught up with designer Jenny Mannerheim, cofounder of the label Each x Other, whose spring/summer 2017 collection previews September 30 at 3.30pm. As well as outlining her latest creations and inspirations for the season, the designer gave us her take on the "see now, buy now" revolution that's shaking up the industry.

What's the womenswear silhouette for the spring/summer 2017 season?
The "Oh la la land" collection was inspired by iconoclastic silhouettes: the dancer, the rocker, the dandy, the Lolita. It's a silhouette comparable to an artistic "collage." Free and creative, and filled with messages.

What or who inspired this spring/summer 2017 collection?
Stage clothes ... from the theater, dance, the movies and music.

Who is the collection aimed at? What style of woman?
A woman who likes to express herself and assert herself through the way she dresses, but without following all of the craziest fashion trends. Each x Other plays with timeless codes.

Today's womenswear silhouettes are free from all constraints, with no taboos when it comes to clothes. Is it still possible to revolutionize fashion in 2017?
You can always revolutionize, it's a state of mind and a desire to move forward. Each era brings its own revolution. Choosing a career in art or fashion is often a first step towards a change. Each x Other likes philosophy, and this collection channels the themes of the French philosopher Guy Debord. The collection includes a t-shirt with the slogan "In her lips I tasted the revolution" over a picture of [French artist] Alizé Meurisse.

With "see now buy now" and the merging of menswear and womenswear collections, the face of fashion is changing. How do you see the future?
We are in the process of freeing ourselves from all the pre-established patterns set by the first phase of consumer society, and we are moving towards a more harmonious and more intelligent version.