Jeopardy! question on Busch Stadium stumps contestants

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ST. LOUIS – A swing and a miss. For at least the second time in three years, a St. Louis Cardinals-themed Jeopardy! question stumped its contestants.

Jeopardy! contestants generally have a wide range of knowledge on a variety of topics, but perhaps Friday’s episode serves as a reminder that everyone is human, and baseball is not necessarily part of everyone’s wealth of knowledge.

Three contestants, Rachel Clark, Erin Portman and Bryan White, competed in Friday’s episode. One of the six categories in the first round was titled “Meet Me In St. Louis.”

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The group opted to answer the top-dollar choices early and worked down to the final $200 question in the “Meet Me In St. Louis” category to end the first round.

The question, showing a video of the St. Louis Cardinals’ current venue Busch Stadium, posed this to contestants…

“Major League Baseball’s St. Louis Cardinals play their home games in this sudsy arena?”

Bryan answer Erin answered “Budweiser” and “Anheuser,” respectively, without a venue location, like a park or stadium. Rachel chose not to answer the question.

“Erin, so close. It’s Busch Stadium,” said Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings as time expired to answer the question.

Members of the Cardinals-centric “That’s A Winner Podcast” shared the clip to X (formerly Twitter) on Friday. Between replies to that and other comments, fans chimed in on the botched opportunity.

“The Cardinals are one of those teams that kept the same stadium name when they moved to a new stadium, so I’m pretty sure it’s been Busch during the whole lifetime of all three #Jeopardy players,” said James.

“None of the contestants on today’s episode of Jeopardy knew where the Cardinals play their home games,” said Craig.

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Cardinals (Seasonal)

“Then-Cardinals owner Gussie Busch wanted to name its predecessor Budweiser Stadium, but the commissioner told him he couldn’t name it after his product. So he named it Busch Stadium after himself, then promptly created Busch Beer,” said Tim.

Erin ended up winning Friday’s edition of Jeopardy!, according to a game rundown the show’s website.

In 2022, in the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions stage with even larger stakes, three different contestants could not answer “The St. Louis Cardinals” on a category that listed Ozzie Smith and Lou Brock among its team’s MLB Hall-of-Famers.

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