'Jeopardy' players aren't allowed to make wagers referencing sex, Nazis, or Satan

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A Twitter joke about James Holzhauer's record-setting run on Jeopardy inadvertently led to contestants sharing the five specific dollar value wagers are banned on the show — including $69.

According to Ken Jennings, the most well-known Jeopardy name (besides host Alex Trebek, of course) with his record 74-win streak, contestants are not allowed to make a wager of $69, the internet’s favorite “sex number,” which triggers mass online replies of “nice.”

Jennings revealed this not so nice news after he made a joke comparing Holzhauer’s betting strategy with his own when he was on the show.

Holzhauer chimed in to confirm that $69 was indeed a banned wager. However, Jeopardy’s current reigning champ, also informed his followers that there were five forbidden wagers in all and that $69 was “probably the most innocuous one.”

On Reddit, former Jeopardy contestants confirmed Holzhauer’s claim by sharing the remaining barred wagers: $666, $14, $88, and $1488. 

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By banning every metalhead’s favorite number of the beast along with $69, it seems like Jeopardy producers are just trying to avoid some potentially problematic internet memes. But, the other three wagers — $14, $88, and $1488 — are all symbols associated with the white supremacist “fourteen words” slogan. It’s probably a good move to ban those.

So, there you have it Jeopardy fanatics. The five numbers that are banned from the show. Future contestants who feared that perhaps $420 was one of the forbidden wagers can rest easy.

As for Holzhauer, he’s on his way to surpassing Jennings’ record-breaking Jeopardy winnings in about half the time. That’s still pretty nice.

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