Jeremy Corbyn tells Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ‘get your hands dirty’ in expert gardening advice

Chris Riotta

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asked for “sage words of advice” from anyone with a green thumb while gardening over the weekend — and got a helping hand from the other side of the pond.

Jeremy Corbyn responded to the freshman Democrat’s call for tips as she tended to a plot in a local community garden, encouraging her to “get your hands dirty” in a tweet.

“For a new plot, first see what is already growing!” The Labour leader began, responding to a tweet the 29-year-old posted asking what she should plant in the space.

“Then go for some flowers and plants that attract bees and thus improve pollination for everyone,” Mr Corbyn continued, adding, “lavender or comfrey good for bees.”

Mr Corbyn, who has a well-known affinity for gardening, told Ms Ocasio-Cortez the “best way to be healthy is to get your hands dirty - in the soil!”

The politician has previously drawn headlines for his gardening hobby, stirring controversy in 2016 when he was unable to be reached as he was reportedly “making jam”.

He also gifted TV show hosts his own homemade jam a year later, saying on BBC’s The One Show, “There’s something magic when you grow your own beans, when you grow your own potatoes, when you grow your own corn.”

Ms Ocasio-Cortez, who has become one of the most prominent newcomers to Congress after Democrats swept the House in the 2018 midterm elections, said on Twitter over the weekend she would be tending to the community plot until September.

She has gained attention and set a political trend by discussing issues with her constituents live on social media while performing seemingly mundane acts, from eating popcorn to installing furniture from IKEA.

For what it’s worth, Ms Ocasio-Cortez ended up planting lavender, along with basil, spinach, sage, collard greens and several other plants and flowers in her garden.