Jerry Falwell Jr. says warrants are out for 2 journalists after critical stories on coronavirus decision

By Caitlin Oprysko
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    I am no lawyer, but don't you usually have to be given a trespass warning first before it becomes a trespassing charge, especially if you've been invited.

    Even if students don't have authority to allow visitors (and can face potential consequences by the uni), the journalists were on campus in good faith thinking that they were official guests. So I doubt this would hold up.
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    A warrant for trespassing on a college campus? Really, now that seems like a high priority crime deserving of the SWAT team.
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    Rather odd that the 2 signatures by the same magistrate signed just hours apart look absolutely nothing like each other.

    It's also rather odd for arrest warrants to be issued for something so minor as a misdo trespass without any hard evidence or attempts to contact the alleged perpetrators. Even more incredible is that such warrants would be issued against members of the press since it implicates 1st A issues.

    If these warrants actually we're we're & aren't some kind of fabrication, it's a clear sign that Falwell has an inappropriate amount of influence over this magistrate.
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    A Yahoo User
    When the Republican big dollar Corporate Donors created the modern day Evangelical Churches as a multi-Billion Dollar tax shelter in the late 1930's they knew what they were doing.

    Greed is a strong influence and corrupts many.

    Check out the book "One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America" by Kevin M. Kruse.

    See how the Republicans rewarded them in the early 1950's by adding "In God We Trust" on US currency as a thank you for helping elect the first Republican President in over a Generation. Or changing the Pledge of Allegiance by adding the words "under God."

    The whole concept was teaching Evangelical preachers how to get rich by guiding their flocks to the Republican Party and basically stripping them of their wealth and freedom in the process.

    It stemmed from the Republicans trying to create a voter base of oppose the New Deal. They were beside themselves when the Democrats came up with Social Security, which the Republicans considered stripping them of their wealth for the common rabble on the streets.

    They considered that anyone that had such a lack of intellect to follow these Evangelical leaders would be easy prey for their political agenda.

    They still practice those same views.

    One example is that for over a quarter of a Century, the Republicans have promised the Evangelicals that if they were elected, they would overturn Roe v. Wade. But once elected, have not even attempted to do that. However, they did catch George W. Bush advisor Karl Rove on video laughing at and making fun of the Evangelicals for believing them, yet again.

    Another, is during the 2014 Midterm Election, they said if Republican voters would give them control of the Senate, they would stop Gay Marriage.

    After the Evangelicals came out in droves to give the Republicans the Senate, those Senators they voted for made Gay Marriage the "Law of the Land," 3 months later.

    If you've ever been to a big dollar fund raiser, you've seen how the REAL Republicans make fun of the Evangelicals.

    We've all seen how the power of the Evangelical Ministers have gone to their heads.

    For example, just last week, Televanelist Kenneth Copeland said he cured people of COVID-19 throught their TV.
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    the trespass charge without libel means Falwell agrees with the story as published.
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    Meanwhile, right after Jr. Falwell's announcement, "Pool Boys online" was being researched by his computer.
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    I'm pretty sure Michael Cohen said during interviews that he still had the pictures Falwell Jr. payed him to make go away. I wonder how that would effect his status as a religious leader.
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    "Jerry Falwell Jr. says warrants are out for 2 journalists after critical stories on coronavirus decision"
    Free speech, yeah, baby.
    Toss in some freedom of the press for an added topping.
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    Apparently Trump University has a satellite campus in Virginia ?
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    anp n
    Not understanding how journalist are in trouble .. they just did job reporting