New Jersey To Ease Limitations At Stadiums, Arenas, Houses Of Worship

Gov. Phil Murphy set a date for large venues to reopen and said houses of worship can allow more people inside.

Video Transcript

- Forward on the road to reopening in New Jersey, as Governor Murphy set a date for large venues to reopen. And he says Houses of Worship can also allow more people inside. Religious services can now operate at 50% capacity, effective immediately. Entertainment venues with a fixed seating capacity of 5,000 or more can reopen on March 1st. And 10% capacity is allowed for indoor venues, 15% for outdoor.

- Face coverings will be required except when eating or drinking, and all groups must be seated at least six feet from each other. As our numbers continue to decline, we believe we can safely take this step.

- Also effective immediately, the governor says parents or guardians of college athletes can watch their kids play sports in New Jersey.