New Jersey Expands COVID Vaccine Eligibility With Another Shipment Expected Next Week

Murphy said the state is able to offer the vaccine to more groups as a 20% increase in doses from the federal government is expected next week. CBS2's Kiran Dhillon reports.

Video Transcript

CINDY HSU: With the coronavirus pandemic, more people will soon be eligible to get the COVID vaccine in New Jersey, as State officials try to contain a recent rise in cases. CBS News 2's Kiran Dhillon joins us live from Hoboken with more. Good morning, Karen.

KIRAN DHILLON: Cindy, vaccine eligibility will be soon expanding here in New Jersey. Starting April 5, several new groups will be eligible to get the shot, including those 55 and older. As childcare workers received vaccinations, Governor Murphy toured the Union County vaccination site with other State leaders Friday.

PHIL MURPHY: These providers have been on the front lines all year supporting families and our workforce as a whole.

KIRAN DHILLON: Now the State will expand eligibility to those 55 and older, beginning April 5. Those 16 and older with intellectual and developmental disabilities and more frontline essential workers will also now be eligible.

PHIL MURPHY: Our workers in the retail financial sector, workers at laundromats and dry cleaning businesses. Construction workers, code officials, plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, and property management and maintenance workers.

KIRAN DHILLON: Librarians, higher education staff, IT and communications, public utility and sanitation workers, all now eligible. The governor says the State was able to open things up. As a 20% increase in doses from the federal government is expected next week, the State is also getting a major boost, a massive FEMA vaccination site.

PHIL MURPHY: --at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, beginning Monday morning. The site will be staffed and stocked to administer when it's fully up and running, 6,000 doses a day, seven days a week, and will focus on ensuring vaccine equity and reaching deep into communities with higher risk.

KIRAN DHILLON: This news comes as COVID cases tick back up, signaling a possible third wave.

PHIL MURPHY: Sign up and get a vaccine. It's how we get through this crisis together.

KIRAN DHILLON: Meanwhile, in New York, the governor has announced a digital pass New Yorkers can use to prove they've been vaccinated. The Excelsior Pass can be printed out or pulled up on a smartphone. It uses a secure QR code to provide businesses and venues the user's proof of vaccination or negative test status.

So Governor Cuomo says the goal of the pass is to fast track the reopening of businesses across the State. No word yet on whether New Jersey will follow suit. We're live this morning in Hoboken. Kiran Dhillon, CBS 2 News.

CINDY HSU: Kiran, thank you. Vaccinations continue to ramp up in most places around the country. 46 States and the District of Columbia have now announced plans to open up vaccination eligibility to all adults no later than May 1. New Jersey is one of those States. New York is one of only four States that is not.