New Jersey Lifts All Indoor Gathering Limits

Matt Petrillo reports.

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: New Jersey has officially ended its COVID health emergency. Also today, all indoor gathering limits are removed. That means weddings, performances, political gatherings, and other catered and commercial events can go on with unlimited attendance. There had been a 30% capacity limit for indoor large venues with a fixed seating capacity over 1,000 but no longer. Matt Petrillo was in Atlantic City covering the reaction to reopening, Matt.

MATT PETRILLO: Ukee, you know, it's finally starting to look back to normal. Just take a look around me here on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City. And I finally also talked to an events planner today here in Atlantic City. She tells me that ever since it was announced that starting today outdoor capacity limits would be lifted, her phone has been ringing off the hook.

As workers stock this bar with beverages, others put chairs in place and get tables ready here at One Atlantic Events in Atlantic City.

- This is unbelievable.

MATT PETRILLO: Saturday will be the venue's first wedding in more than a year, now that there are no longer capacity limits in New Jersey.

LESLIE FERIOZZI: Not that like we're not lucky people, but it just feels like we got so lucky.

MATT PETRILLO: The happy couple plan to say their I do's here a year and a half ago, never changing the date of their big day.

LESLIE FERIOZZI: It is so exciting especially since we're the first wedding back at One Atlantic. It's just like unbelievable.

ELIZABETH MCGLINN: Are we all good down here?

MATT PETRILLO: The lifting of indoor capacity limits in the Garden State come a week after its indoor mask mandate ended.

ELIZABETH MCGLINN: So it means we are fully open for business after 15 months.

MATT PETRILLO: Also ending in New Jersey Friday, restrictions on dance floors.

WALEED OMAR: I'm just looking forward to everything being back to normal, everything opening up. People like enjoying their summer and everything, just going back to normal, really.


WALEED OMAR: It's a good start, you know.

LESLIE FERIOZZI: I'm excited that I'm paying for hair and makeup, and I don't have to wear a mask over it. [LAUGHS]

MATT PETRILLO: But some event planners are still choosing to incorporate the outdoors. The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival is now being held at this big open space here at Bader Field instead of inside the area's convention center.

JON HENDERSON: We think the outside was a good temporary fix.

MATT PETRILLO: And the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival begins tonight at 8 o'clock through tomorrow night. There's still tickets available, too. Meantime, here on the boardwalk, so many families are enjoying their time today and looking forward to a sunny weekend down the shore. Reporting live on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, Matt Petrillo, CBS 3 Eyewitness News.

UKEE WASHINGTON: Matt, thank you for that.