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    Why do these people think it's the job of the police to pass out bottles of water?
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    New Jersey Man Who Begged Police for Water Killed by Cardiac Arrest While Under the Influence of Bath Salts". The headline is intentionally inflammatory. There was no need to place "who begged police for water" and also have it lead "killed by". Also you aren't killed by cardiac arrest. You die of cardiac arrest.
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    “Killed by cardiac arrest” don’t you mean died from cardiac arrest!
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    Pretty sure a drink of water wouldn't have stopped him from being "killed by cardiac arrest" ..
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    You need water with bath salt, otherwise it’s just bath salt
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    He died from illegal drug use. Not lack of water.
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    The use of bath salts caused the cardiac arrest that caused his death. Some water isn't going to change that. Moral of the story? Don't do bath salts.
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    A writer who graduated 6th grade would have written "died from cardiac arrest"
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    So..... Don't do bath salts?..... I'm pretty sure don't do bath salts is the answer here.
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    lewis c
    This just in. Prosecutors have decided not to seek charges against cardiac arrest for the killing of a Patterson man. After an exhaustive investigation, which included hundreds of man hours of scouring video surveillance cameras and following up on witnesses statements, it appears that Cardiac arrest's alibi checked out. Police have now shifted their investigation to an acquaintance of the Patterson man, Mr. Bath Salts. If anyone should have contact with Bath Salts, he should be considered armed and dangerous. Contact 911 immediately.
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    Killed by cardiac arrest? Shouldn't it be died from cardiac arrest...
    sounds like a Yoo-Whooo reporter wrote thi!