New Jersey Nonprofit Project Kind Helps People Experiencing Homelessness

Every day, a New Jersey woman travels to Newark to help people experiencing homelessness, but Tuesday, she took it a step further; CBS2's Lisa Rozner reports.

Video Transcript

- Every day, a local woman heads over to Newark to help people experiencing homelessness, but today, she took it a step further.

- She offered for them to spend a day out of the cold and take them to a place that they could feel the warmth for the community. CBS2's Lisa Rozner reports now from Morris County.

LISA ROZNER: When Henry Veal woke up this morning in Newark's Penn Station, he had no idea his day would take him to Rockaway, New Jersey. He overheard a conversation. Jenny de Paul was inviting people on a trip while doing outreach.

HENRY VEAL: I said, would you mind if I go? She said, of course not. I would love to have you with us.

LISA ROZNER: DePaul personally drove Veal and a few others from Newark to the Kindness closet in Rockaway, started through her nonprofit, Project Kind. At the closet, they could choose whatever they needed most. It's a community hub where all the love comes. People share what they have and can take what they need, no questions asked.

HENRY VEAL: I was able to pick up a pair of lounge pants. I even got a, found a Armani Exchange belt.

- I found me nice, two leather jackets, and I like, I love leather.

LISA ROZNER: The Kindness Closet is also a place where the organization has shelves of non-perishable items and two fridges that store hundreds of sandwiches that volunteers make for people in need. The group was fed fresh pizza, but they didn't only receive.

JENNY DE PAUL: Every time I help somebody, they want to know how, what can they do for me, how can they help me.

LISA ROZNER: And she gave them the opportunity to put the finishing touches on another massive community effort.

- If those are real heavy--

LISA ROZNER: Over the weekend, the community donated more than 40 pallets worth of toiletries, food and clothes, to Project King to help those struggling in Texas. The nonprofit's landlord, the owner of Borough Plaza, helped, too. Today, his staff and the men from Newark helped load a truck donated by Uber Freight. It will be driven to Houston tonight.

HENRY VEAL: The world would be a better place if we share with them a piece of our heart instead of a piece of our mind.

- It takes away the pain.

- She blesses us, you know, from time to time.

JENNY DE PAUL: The greatest thing about, I think, this for me was, you know, every single day, I get to witness multiple acts of kindness.

LISA ROZNER: A journey she's sharing through a new book, but this is proof there are some stories that are so beautiful, there are no words. In Rockaway, New Jersey, Lisa Rozner, CBS2 News.

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