New Jersey Ranks 48th On List Of Best States

New Jersey apparently isn't a very popular state.

Video Transcript

- Not crazy about this next story. New Jersey apparently not very popular.

- Nope. Apparently this new survey of best states in the country from the website put the Garden State at number 48. Hawaii and Colorado topped as the best two states in a series of matchups. New York came in eighth, Connecticut 23rd. New Jersey sitting at the bottom of the list did not sit well, though, with New Jersey.


The state's official Twitter page weighed in tweeting out a picture of a flag that said, "we don't like you either."

- I love that.

- Yes.

- Jersey strong.

- That's so New Jersey. And by the way, this is not based on any data, any quality of life type of stats, just people's opinions. So you know what? Stay out of Jersey.


- Yeah, we're not listening.