Thunder have to switch jerseys at halftime

Thunder have to switch jerseys at halftime

Video Transcript

- Remember when we showed you this tweet, if you were with us? "Whoever approved this jersey combo Hawks Thunder," it looks like the Thunder are kind of wearing an orange jersey. Hawks are wearing a red jersey. If you're color blind, or have any sort of issue, well, guess what? We've got breaking news. I think for the first time in NBA history--

- You think?

- --a team has changed jerseys at halftime. Welcome to breaking news coverage. This is the most serious story we've covered all night. The Oklahoma City Thunder wearing the orange uniforms to start the night, will now begin the second half in the home white jerseys. Here is a tweet from the Thunder-- "The Hawks are wearing the incorrect color for the game," according to the Thunder. Ooh, they're calling out the road team.

- [INAUDIBLE] Hawks.

- [INAUDIBLE] the truth.

- "The league process of inputting uniform colors should have caught the orange-red combo, but because the Hawks only have red uniforms on the trip, the Thunder will switch to the white at the half." Wow. So the Thunder blaming it on the Hawks.

- Absolutely.

- What do you think, [INAUDIBLE].

- I've never seen nothing like this in my whole career.

- Yes. When-- Jared, you talked about all these things are supposed to be worked out--

- Before the year.

- For the year.

- They talked about the system. There's actually a website you can go to and see what jersey each team will wear for the entire season. So the fact that nobody caught this is wild.

- Well, listen, I'm pretty sure there are more important things than Oklahoma City and Atlanta Hawks game--

- No-- no-- no.

- --colored jersey scheme.

- You are wrong.

- Right?

- This is the most important thing we're going to talk about all night.