New Jersey wedding venues prepare for increased indoor capacity

Several wedding venues in South Jersey are excited to host more guests with Governor Phil Murphy's executive order increasing indoor capacity to 35% for up to 150 people.

Video Transcript

- The indoor limit's increasing in New Jersey. Catering hall owners, not to mention brides to be, are dreaming about larger receptions. Action News community journalist Ashley Johnson takes the veil off the future of spring wedding seasons to be.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: It's the cliché a wedding is the day every girl dreams of.

GINA VITALE: A few days before our ceremony, the whole family came down with COVID.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: But walking down the aisle was emotional for Gina Vitale from Cherry Hill. She had her ceremonial March 6 with 19 guests at the Mansion on Main Street months after her original January date. She faced several obstacles while planning.

GINA VITALE: I was so excited. I had just gotten engaged, and I heard that someone's father at our church had passed away.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: But she's thrilled that things are looking up, with Governor Phil Murphy's executive order increasing indoor capacity to 35% for a venue up to 150 people. Gina and her husband Tom can't wait for what that means for their reception in August.

JON RUBIN: The couples are elated, you know. The stress is gone for them. They get to come here. We can host their event. And it's just, you know-- it feels like, you know, old times.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: Those at the Mansion on Main Street say even though the big change happens Friday, they're already getting a lot of calls from new couples, and people who have had to postpone their dates are finally setting new ones.

JON RUBIN: Right now, obviously, we're very COVID conscious. So we do the contact tracing. You know, we're taking people's temperature. But yes, you know, it'll be awesome. We can open at full capacity. But right now we'll take what we can get.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: The Vitales can't wait for a fresh start and the celebration of their dreams.

GINA VITALE: And just being able to get together and celebrate a happy moment after this last year that we've been through is just so exciting to us.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: In Voorhees, Ashley Johnson, Channel 6 Action News.