New Jersey woman dies in fire after threatening to blow up house, along with ‘as many as 30 cats’

A New Jersey woman — along with “many cats” — was found dead in a house she threatened to blow up when faced with eviction. The home’s owner reportedly wanted to sell the house where the victim had lived for several years.

A New Jersey State Police SWAT team arrived at the Roosevelt, N.J. home of the unidentified victim shortly after 11 a.m. Wednesday after she made that threat, according to the Asbury Park Press. The woman appears to have made good on her vow.

Bird-eye view video online shows the raging inferno police encountered when they arrived. The woman, along with as many as 30 cats, remained in the home, according to NBC News. She reportedly turned on the home’s gas and lit a match.

A neighbor told NBC News her own home was also made “unlivable” by the blaze next door.

Animal control searched for cats that might have escaped, but none were immediately found.

The dead woman reportedly lived in the central New Jersey Roosevelt area for at least a decade. She was said to sometimes work as a pet sitter.