New Jersey Woman Selects Couple In Canada For Wedding Ring Giveaway

A New Jersey woman has donated her wedding and engagement ring to a deserving couple in Canada. CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon has the incredible matchmaking story.

Video Transcript

MARY CALVI: A New Jersey woman has donated her wedding and engagement ring to a deserving couple in Canada CBS News' Kiren Dhillon has the incredible matchmaking story.

CHRISTINE BONAVITA: I'm still overwhelmed, but it's a good overwhelmed.

KIRAN DHILLON: When recently divorced Christine Bonavita decided to donate her wedding rings earlier this year, she never imagined the idea would go viral. Everything from handwritten letters from children to adults. I even got love stories from prison. The mom of two originally from New Jersey posted about the giveaway on social media, asking couples to share stories about how their love has helped them through the pandemic. The insurance agent received thousands of submissions from around the world.

CHRISTINE BONAVITA: Resounding emotion in all of these emails is overcoming struggle, overcoming anything, and staying together. When she came across Melissa McCann and Jordan Orr's submission, she knew they were the winners, and on Valentine's Day, she told them the good news.

JORDAN ORR: Just flabbergasted. I'm still--


JORDAN ORR: In shock about it.

KIRAN DHILLON: The young couple from Whitby, Canada got engaged over Christmas. Because of their significant health struggles, neither has been able to work during the pandemic. McCann suffers from ulcerative colitis, Orr from cystic fibrosis.

JORDAN ORR: Financially, I can't give her certain things, and getting these rings is just a nice way to have a beautiful piece of jewelry.

KIRAN DHILLON: The couple says the ring donation has provided them with something positive to focus on. In January, Orr was told he has only 10 to 15 years to live.

MELISSA MCCANN: We've had a lot of--

JORDAN ORR: Bad news.

MELISSA MCCANN: Bad news lately and just in our lives. So it's just so amazing.

CHRISTINE BONAVITA: Melissa said in her email, time is priceless, and whatever time they have together, they take that, and the perspective that they have, they just seem so humble.

KIRAN DHILLON: As for Bonavita, she says the couple's story has inspired her to love again. In midtown Kiren Dhillon with CBS2 News.

MARY CALVI: Bonavita says during the process, she heard from many other people who also want to donate their rings to couples in need. She is now matching up deserving couples with ring owners, and you can find more information on our website