Jesse Jackson Jr. Conveniently Returns to Rehab

Jesse Jackson Jr. Conveniently Returns to Rehab

After a week that included questions about his campaign finances and reports of him out drinking in Chicago, Jesse Jackson Jr. is heading back to the Mayo Clinic for the second time this year.

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The Chicago Sun-Times' Michael Sneed reports Jackson was on his way back to the Mayo Clinic on Friday night. Jackson's been on medical leave since June for bipolar disorder. Jackson is resuming his treatment at the Minnesota clinic because he was finding it too difficult at home:

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A source who visited Jackson this week said, “Jesse wanted you to know he is finding it difficult to continue his treatment because the press is staking out his home and making access to his doctor, who is within a short walking distance from his home, incredibly hard.”

Regardless of whether the media pressure is true, Jackson's timing will be questioned by many. The timing of Jackson's return to Minnesota is dubious. Word broke earlier this week of an FBI investigation into whether Jackson used campaign finance funds to decorate his house. And Gawker's John Cook also reported Jackson was spotted out drinking in Chicago last week with two women who were not his wife. How this will effect Jackson's bid for reelection next month remains to be seen.